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Since the beginning of December, I have been living and working at Alta's Rustler Lodge in Alta, Utah.  Time has been flying, and there are only 36 days left of the season.  For the first couple of weeks the cooks tried a variety of positions...breakfast, dinner, saute, broiler...  Since then I have been the main breakfast/lunch cook.

Alta is just a short trip to/from the Salt Lake metro area.  There are ski buses that run several times a day between Alta and Sandy, and Alta and Midvale.  They both end at a TRAX station, so it's easy to get into town on your days off.  Especially since with your ski pass, the ski buses are free.  About two miles into the trip from Alta is the Snowbird ski resort.

I have a room just a flight above the kitchen, so the commute is pretty easy.  One thing I learned early on is to make sure you get outside at least one time a day.  It would be easy to get stuck in the building and it starts to drive you a little goofy. I do have a roommate...a guy half my age is in the bunk above me.  We get along well...but we don't really hang-out with each other.  We also usually have opposite work schedules.

I usually take a walk every late afternoon.  Most of the days I make a stop at the Peruvian.  They have a decent priced candy/snack selection in their gift shop.

Not so thrilled about the pay.  But it is a ski resort...

This summer I will be working in Alaska again.  This time it will be in the Kenai peninsula...prior summers were spent at Sheep Mountain and Denali.  I will be working for Alaska Wildland Adventures as the Lead Breakfast Cook at the Kenai Riverside Lodge.  It also incorporates the Kenai Sportsfishing Lodge.  My daily schedule will begin at 3 am, so I can have a breakfast buffet ready for the fishing groups at 4:15.

Between jobs...Most of my trip is going to be by bus, except my flight to Alaska.  I am first heading to Pierre, South Dakota for a couple of nights.  There are three states left that I have not made a visit, South Dakota is one of them.  Then it's over to Chicago.  Well actually I'm exploring one of the suburbs, but first is a stop at the Field Museum.  They are currently exhibiting some of their mummies that they have not been in the public viewing area  for a century.  I will then head north to Green Bay.  My mother lives in De Pere, and she will be 86 soon.  She's in very good health, but...let's just say, I'm trying to make a stop a couple of times a year.

Then a bit south, down to Oshkosh..still in Wisconsin.  I grew up in Neenah, but for more then 20 years of my adult life was spent in Oshkosh.  One of my sisters is still there, so I'll visit her.  Also, some people I knew way back in high school have opened a bar I might stop in to check the place out.

Then it's a stop in Las Vegas.  Let's face it...Vegas is still pretty cheap if you do it right...or just don't do it wrong.  It's a long stop, but I break it up by heading to San Diego for a couple of nights.  Not sure, what I'll do on my one full day.  My hotel is between SeaWorld and the beach, and I have wanted to check out there zoo for many years.

Then after heading back to Vegas, it's a flight up to Anchorage.  I found a couple of flight choices for a low $230.  One headed up to Salt Lake and the to Seattle before Anchorage.  The other went to LAX, then Salt Lake then Anchorage.  I took the LAX route..basicaly because of the landing times, just before 8 pm on that one...the other was just before midnight.  I sometimes have a difficult time understanding how they charge for flights.  The same airline, if I left from Seattle that day would charge me $330, and from Salt Lake it was just under $500.

I will be in Anchorage for a couple of days, when AWA will pick me up.

My personal laptop computer's hard drive died...I will load some pictures at a later date.

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Comment by Keith Larson on March 24, 2012 at 6:44pm
Thanks, Alex. Did you pay attention to Anj's Iditarod this year? I really got into it. Other winters I probably would have thrown in some money. But...I'll put it this Alta you would make about half as much as you would at Sheep Mountain. The only down part about Snowbird is no housing...there are buses into the SLC metro area though. The Peruvian advertises on's one of the choices. There is also the Goldminer's Daughter...right at the base of the major lifts. I'm at the Rustler, considered to be at the top end of stuffy scale. And the Alta Lodge. And the ski lift operation also has some options. All are within basically a mile...maybe a touch more. Alta, they are all separately owned/operated....Snowbird, one corporate operation.
Comment by Alex Chiccehitto on March 21, 2012 at 1:33pm

Cool post. I have also worked a summer at sheep mountain and am looking to work at Alta/ Snowbird next season. Do you have any suggestions?

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