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Back To Alaska and the Journey getting there

Getting psyched for my seventh season of seasonal work, although it has not been continuous. I did take a year off from seasonal work in 06, to winter in Hawaii on the big island volunteering on an Organic Coffee farm, then three years on Orcas Island which did not turn out to be cash prosperous yet was in other ways.  Anyway, after returning to Alaska last summer after an absence of six years from the last frontier I am getting prepared to head back up again. Last summer I was lucky to work for Kenai Fjord Tours in Seward, utilizing both my background in travel and tourism as well as my Marine Naturalist background.  I enjoyed my job and spending all my leisure time on the boats getting up close and personal with Humpback Whales, Orcas and my favorite Seabird Puffins.  It was a great season despite the 39 consecutive days of rain in July and August, yet nevertheless a good time.  In the past I have not done consecutive seasons for the same company or park and this is a first for me.  At this point in life I feel like I did find a place that I would return to and gain some additional experience enhancing what I already have.  Although this summer I will be going to their other location in Whittier on Prince William Sound and I will initially be a Marine Science Instructor/ Workshop Leader for the school groups that come from April to May.  It will be exciting to use my background as a Marine Naturalist granted I am a bit rusty, yet we will be getting additional training and I welcome the new challenge. The kids will be elementary level to high school which should be interesting and probably challenging as well.  The topics will be Glaciers, Geology and weather, and although my expertise is more in the area of Marine Mammals, it will push me a bit past my comfort zone and will be beneficial. I have worked with kids before so I know a little what to expect.  One good thing is that Prince William Sound is protected so we shouldn't be passing out too many barf bags like they do in Seward.  The program is concluded in May so then I will be juggling both work as a deckhand on the boats and work in the office.  I found out my Manager who called me gave her notice after 14 years with the company since she and her spouse are kicking off their own boat and business so I will have increased responsibility, and I admit I am bit nervous, yet will just trust all will work out. Since I was a supervisor last summer, although it was pretty chill, so we shall see.  Whittier is a much smaller operation with less trips, yet the closer proximity to Anchorage should bring in more people so it could get hectic.  Anyway, I will gracefully invite the challenge and hope my nerves will hold up. In the meantime I am enjoying a quiet retreat at a friends on Orcas Island on the southeast end of the island for a few weeks.  I am ever so grateful for good friends and also spent a fantastic month House and pet sitting on San Juan Island caring for an awesome lab and her cat brothers overlooking the fabulous Salish Sea, the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island.  I was blessed for amazing March sunsets, doggie cuddles and kitty purring and cannot begin to express the gratitude I have.  In conclusion I wish for peace, healing and light to come to the people of japan, the animals and more.  The earth needs to heal and we need to take care of her, she is overwhelmed and these events are a result of Humans not complying with the laws of nature in which we all need to walk our talk and walk our walk making sure to be good to her.   I am attaching a link to some of my products at Zazzle that I have donated for Japan Relief fund where Zazzle has joined with the Red Cross and will donate 10.00 for every item purchased.  I hope you take a peak and share it on twitter or your facebook page.  I am wishing everyone a fabulous season where ever the road leads you with love, prosperity and abundance to follow.


P.S. the photo is one of the many glorious sunsets on San Juan Island looking toward Vancouver Island on the Salish Sea.


seccond photo southeast end of Orcas Island looking at Lummi Island

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Comment by Patty Brown on April 17, 2011 at 5:04pm
Beautiful pictures and what an experience you have ahead of you!  I wish you the best of luck and know that you will have success.  I really enjoyed reading all about your adventures and must admit it sounds wonderful!  Keep making the most of all that challenges you and good luck!!!
Comment by aggie71 on March 27, 2011 at 5:08am
Another beautiful post ... you've set the stage for the next act ... Prince William Sound :-)  Anxious to get the next installment as it all unfolds.   I didn't realize that you weren't an AK regular considering how much you love the area up there :-)  I hope they promote ya all the way to the top position cause that way maybe I can get a job with that outfit!  All the best for the best summer of your life!   Keep in touch.  Richard
Comment by Anneliese on March 26, 2011 at 2:30pm

Luv reading posts of what you are up to. Thanks for sharing!

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