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Be patient, be persistant and never give up!

Greetings and Happy New Year everyone,

Persistance pays off. Never settle for a job when you have the skills and desire to do greater things. Never let anyone or any company devalue your experience, qualifications or what you have to offer.

For example, I have a ton of retail and customer service experience, but I refused to let them companies define me based on what parts of my credentials they wanted to and.overlook others just to stick me in a job to fill their less desirable jobs for the summer of 2012.

I made it clear that on top of fifteen years in customer service and eight years in retail management, I also have college degrees, am a Certified First Responder, can provide First Aid, CPR and AED services and am very capable of excelling at anything I do.

I received a couple offers from places in Alaska and other great National Park locations to work in various jobs which included working at the activities desk, front desk and retail positions, but I refused to settle and stayed positive.

My persistance paid off. I was offered a Raft Guide job and have other potential guide job opportunities as well.

It may be frustating waiting to come accross seasonal company that will appreciate your experience and qualifications by offering you a job to highlight your talents, but when you come accross the right one it is that much more satisfying to accept the job.

Remember, if a company refuses to acknowledge your credentials, they are probably not even worth considering. If a company takes the time to get to know you and values what you can offer them and their guests, they are a company who will treat you right and give you advancement opportunities if and when you deserve them based on your qualifications and experience and not just who you know.

Congrats to everyone who has found jobs. Good luck to everyone still looming for summer jobs.

Remember, never settle, never give up, be patient, and be persistant and the right job for you will become available ok? Don't be afraid to turn down a job and let the company know you are willing to hold out for the job you are more enthusiastic about.

Remember you are just as valuable to the company and their guests with what you have to offer as anyone else.

Have a great summer everyone!



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Comment by Carol on January 11, 2012 at 4:15pm

Good points, Leo. Sometimes we get in such a hurry to get something we forget what we're really after.

Maybe its just me....

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