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As I am sitting at a Pampered Chef Party at one of my friends house (which isn't exactly my idea of a good time) I overheard a friend of mine saying that she was thinking of going to Wyoming for the summer. My focus so easily turned from the self measuring cups to this conversation. April told me that she was going to apply for a season at YNP but didn't want to go at it alone. I immediately obliged!

I thought to myself, Im 20-something (ok closer to 30 but who is counting!), Im not married, I have no kids, Im only a waitress and don't really have anything tying me down. Within 48 hours I was on applying to be a server at Old Faithful Inn and within 48 more hours I was accepted! I couldn't believe it!

I had spent a season at Mammoth Lakes in California when I was 19 and had the most unbelieveable time of my life! People that camped for a living, rock climbed, moutain biked, snowboarded, skiied, skateboarded, did photography... I mean I came from Boston. I never knew this type of life existed!

SO as I tell my friends and family that I am embarking on a new adventure I get the same reaction, "Wow that is amazing" "You're going to have so much fun" "I wish I could do something like that" and I sit and think to my self, They are right! We are a certain type of people that have a certain type of apprecitation for life and nature and adventure. There is nothing better than waking up to fresh mountain air. Or sitting around a camp fire and listening to stories from people that come from all over the world. Or sitting in a natural hot spring and staring up at the most breathtaking starry sky and seeing a shooting star every 15 seconds. These are the things that set us apart from everyone else!

I cannot wait to meet you all and to come back with 10,000 photos and a story behind each one of them! These city folk will probably be sick of hearing me say "you had to be there to understand" but I will have comfort in knowing that there are people out there who really do!

Have fun this summer and stay safe and keep dreaming!

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Comment by Robert L. Beldo on April 20, 2009 at 11:24am
Yea, i understand the whole, getting out of dodge thing. I for sure need the hell out of this place for 6 months. I might even stay through winter and be a keeper. But i cant help but agree. Lets all get the hell to YNP in old faithful. And have the time of our lives and soak up some nature and chill. Well, good luck!
Comment by Jeff Martin on April 17, 2009 at 1:17am
Couldnt have said it better myself. This kinda reminds me of Coachella Music and Arts fair in Indio Ca. in as much as that we all are on equal ground here. Everyones here for the same experience, has the same appreciation. No one has got it better than anyone else here. and everyone had to travel great lenghts to make it. I cant wait to sit by a warm fire under a starry night with my guitar in my hands gettin my fingerwork on. Or flying a kite in the middle of Yellowstone. Honestly how many people can say they flew a kite in yellowstone LOL! I only hope my line doesnt snap (god forbid) and land in a hot pool or geyser. :O
Comment by Teria Rogers on March 30, 2009 at 7:54am
You took the words right out of my keyboard! haha i wish wish i had a friend like u do to go with, all mine are telling me im crazy!
Comment by akscootr on February 26, 2009 at 11:41am
I love it; Just get up one day day and try something new :0)... I have done this kind of work for a while and find it hard to quit, even when I have tried. It gets in your blood... there is sooo much to see and experience out there. I hope you try Alaska one day; It will leave you breathless. You and I will be working together and we arrive on the same day. I look forward to meeting you :)
Comment by Kelly on February 26, 2009 at 10:59am
Hell Yeah!
Comment by Jason Kemple on February 26, 2009 at 10:53am
Kelly you just rocked my world. Amen to that! It's going to be a FANTASTIC summer!

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