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Cool Works 7-11 Event Post - Zion National Park

I woke this morning at 8:00. Too Early! I went back to sleep until 9:30. One thing I love about Line Cooking here in Zion is no alarm clocks.

I don't have to be to work until 1 p.m, so I fill my morning with instant coffee in my room, two pieces of fruit we're allowed to take from the EDR each evening, and internet surfing. I also have a book I'm reading.

At 12 noon, I get into my uniform and walk to work, ususally greeting guests and co workers along the way. I pass the HR door, and check to see if my name is listed. That would mean I have mail. Nope, not today.

oh yeah, its Sunday :)

After eating at the EDR, I punch in, start the prep for supper. Usually I make the 20 pounds of meatloaf, (4 equal loaves in two 4" hotel pans), the rice, quioa, restock, whatever. Today I also made our special Polenta: a sheet pan of creamy cornbread goodness that will be topped with Ragu.

Supper is at 4:30. Be back by 5 when the restaurant opens to the public. Tonight I did flat top, some steaks, and a few saute's while another was on break. I really like the atmosphere and tempo of Line cooking.

By 10 we close, a few last minute orders may peter in, but we're cleaning up, breaking down the line. I get to brick the flat top sence that was my station. By 10 :30 I'm home in my dorm room. Quickly I gather stuff, head to the bathroom down the hall, take my shower. I throw in a load of clothes cause I'm out of clean uniforms.

Tomorow is my Friday, so the two days off will be spent exploring. Places like the Narrows, above photo, capture the flavor of Zion. Wild, rugged, and well visited. Unless you get back in there. Then, its you and the cactus. I love it.

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Comment by Carol on July 12, 2010 at 10:02am
Wow, Aggie, not sure. If you want the t-shirt, do Angel's landing. The say it takes about 4 hours cause its strenuous. Humm, do not go up there if storms are predicted.

I guess the upper-lower-middle Emerald pools loop, and then catch the shuttle bus (free) to Weeping Rock, just a short half mile hike. That would be all you could do.

Or ride the shuttle bus down to the Riverside Trail, the bus commentary is very good, and just hike that round trip of two miles. Very beautiful, and the color should be good by then.

My work agreement ends Sept 20th, or I'd meet you.
Comment by aggie71 on July 12, 2010 at 5:58am
Carol...great 24/7 blog! Thanks for the snapshot of your summer place. I might be doing a short day trip to Zion in late October. If you had just 4-5 hours in Zion as your first visit, what would you do?
Comment by Bill Berg on July 11, 2010 at 11:23pm

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