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Corporate slave Vs. Family owned operations

I find myself asking this question, I have just looked at the app for a DNC position and found the app to be well shocking. I do know that companies need to know who is going to be working form them for the season. But do you really need to know everywhere I have lived in the last five years. I have been a corporate slave once in my life and that was for Vail Resorts and well that left a bad taste in my mouth. I find these companies to be turn and burn when it comes to employees. I have spent my working career in boutique resorts where respect is giving to the staff. Well lets just face it the economy is in the dumps and well I need to find a winter gig, but I also do not want to just be a number.  And from my experience from this last summers season, most of the larger companies know that they have a larger work force in need. Hence you are a number and are easily replaced.  I guess I'M just ranting, I will continue looking at smaller family owned lodges where we feel like a family by the end of a season and not a number and feel dirty and ashamed for selling your soul as a corporate slave.

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Comment by Carol on January 6, 2011 at 10:51am

Alot is to be said about having a good manager. If you're putting up with a bad location manager, one who is too young and inexperienced, it can make things go sour. Then, seems like you have to find a couple like minded souls, and get through it.

Not sure what this season will bring. Hoping for memerable times in a good way.


Comment by jackie morris on January 6, 2011 at 9:03am
DNC is a good company to work for IF YOU treat them like family:) If you just want to be a number with them they will treat you like that, but if you can prove that you are a upstanding person, they have lots of oppurtunitys for advancement and plenty of places to go. Have you researched them? Since you are a chef you would hace UNlimited opputunitys on the east coast with them. Just my opinion only!
Comment by JPH on January 5, 2011 at 4:19pm
WOW .....have you tried breathing exercises ? Gosh , I almost feel dirty and ashamed for replying . Franklin , I personally feel that it really IS all about the Attitude .
         Having been thrown in to huge vats of Poo and thrived ,I feel that a person can adapt , improvise and overcome (homage to USMC) . I get your point about a smaller operation and the family atmosphere . I agree , I also have experienced  that comaraderie at smaller establishments . But as a dirty corporate slave working as a throwaway number I have also found the same great group of people to share a seasonal community . And anyway , if I'm living in a Natural Wonder and I provide an honest effort at my work no worries , let's get on with the hiking . 

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