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Day 1 - A Week in the Life Summer 2015

This summer I am working, living and exploring Mackinac Island, Michigan. Sanders on Mackinac is where I am employed as a Fudge Maker.  And people that come to the island eat a LOT of fudge.  So much, in fact, tourists are referred to as fudgies.

My housing is a little away from the bustle of downtown.  I'm living in Greenshed, which is between the Inn at Stonecliffe and the airport.  Yes, Mackinac Island has a small airport, but it doesn't allow private motorized vehicles.  People walk, bicycle and travel by horse when they want to get around the island.

This morning, I bicycled downtown and parked it by the library.  I used to park it in front of the store, but bikes get sooo crowded on Main Street.  I was getting ready to leave one later afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and my bike was completely surrounded by four other bicycles.  Since then I just park it by the library.

I thought I was a bit early.  On Sundays for the last couple of weeks, I have been making popcorn of various types and started the day at 9:30.  I walked up French Lane and stopped and admired "The Secret Garden" for a few minutes.  Then I walked down Market to the Lucky Bean Coffeehouse where I purchased a Café Miel and a Lemon Poppyseed Muffin.  I wandered back to French Lane.  I remembered after I was at the coffee shop that this Week in the Life began today, and I wanted to get a shot or two of the Secret Garden.

A posting at the garden shows some pictures of garden figurines to search.  It says that it is maintained by both owners and it was originally Stella King's garden.  The sign also says the Stella and two others started the Lilac Festival in 1949 and Stella was an RN on the island and delivered more than 500 babies here.

I made a quick stop by the Star Line dock.  I brought my workout clothes with me, and there isn't a lot of space at work for personal belongings.  There are a few lockers downstairs, but the last time I went down there, they were all full.  When I have a significant amount of stuff I grab one of the lockers that are by the ferry.

When I arrived at work, I found out that I was scheduled this week to begin at 8, about the time I originally arrived by the library.  They weren't too worried though, and thought that was what happened.  I didn't really have a big list of popcorns to make today.  I made a caramel for each store location (Sanders has two outlets), and a pecandy for each location, and then a cheese popcorn for the Bicycle Street Inn location, which will be mixed later with the caramel in a Chicago-blend.  Pecandy is a candy-coated popcorn with almonds and pecans.  Here it is almost finished...

In between times of popping and waiting for the coatings to cook, I help out at counter sales and the cash register.

After work, I went to the locker and grabbed my workout gear and walked slowly through downtown.  Slowly, because all of the people.  Once I get down to the harbor it's easier to pick up the pace, but I'm not in that much of a hurry.  I have a membership at the Health Club at the Mission Point Resort.  Along the way, near the Island House, I notice a few kids have set up a lemonade I can't pass that by.

I check in and get a key for a locker.  They offer towel service too, but I brought my own today.  I complete two sets on each of the weight machines and an hour on an elliptical trainer.  I'm a participant in the island's Recreation Department's version of the Biggest Loser competition.  The weigh-in is on Wednesdays, I'll let you know then how I'm doing.

After my workout, I walk back towards downtown and stop at Doud's Market.  I get one of the sandwiches from their Deli and a drink.  Then I continue the walk back to the library and grab my bicycle.  First I make a quick stop at one of my favorite shore spots.  It's on the boardwalk not far from the school.  It's interesting how there are zones you can pass through and the crowds go from very close, to a bit of air between, to I can see you, to being all alone.  From this area, I can see the Round Island Lighthouse in one direction, the Governor's mansion in another, part of the Grand Hotel in another, and the cottages on West Bluff and the shoreline.

I head back to housing, walking most of the way up the hill behind the Grand Hotel. When I get home, my two roommates give me a taste of the food they have been making most of the afternoon.  They are students from Taiwan and they were making a couple of Taiwanese dishes.  The food was good, I'm going to look more into the cuisine later.  They were both getting ready to head out when I arrived.  They both play baseball for their collegiate team and there is a pick-up softball game happening at Turtle Park.

I settle down, look a bit online, and enjoy my tuna sandwich.  I do take a little stroll a little before sunset and come back and sit on the porch for a short bit too.  Jubilee and Jamocha ran over and sat by me, and sometimes on my foot, and I got some good dog petting time.  They are brother and sister labs owned by the caretaker of our housing at Greenshed.  I did one attempt at taking a pic, but at first they were moving around me too fast unless I had a hand stroking each of them.  Then they didn't seem to like the camera. So Jamocha is chocolate, and Jubilee is yellow...

Tomorrow I have the day off.  And Wednesday too.  I'm thinking about going to the mainland, but not sure you'll just have to tune onto the next installment...

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