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Becky and I have accepted a position with DNC in the Towers area this may, 2011. We will be working in the food service area. Looking for information/picture of dorm areas. Wondering what accessories we can bring (or not to bring)???? Is there AC/heat??? Any information would help. Thanks Dennis and Becky

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Comment by Bob Kornegay on March 1, 2011 at 1:00pm
I envy you folks being there this summer.  I can't complain too much, though.  My summer job since 2007 has been working at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center at milepost 115 here in Virginia.  Starts May 1 and ends Nov. 1.  Our center is unique, with 1100 acres of land and 9 miles of mountain biking trails.  The building is huge campared to the one-room cabins that make up the rest of the centers on the Parkway...except for the "Destination Center" in Asheville, NC , which is Parkway headquarters.  We feature a unique display about the Parkway, and a 50 foot long, $50,000.00 photograph of the Parkway that is in relief and geographically correct, really something. You've also got to love a job where you get to tell people where to go...and they like it!  Having said all that, I would still rather be your dorm neighbor this will have a ball.  Check with Rangers in the various areas for sites the tourists never visit.  Ask about the hike up to the weather equipment near Canyon.  In late September you can look down from there, watch, and listen, as the male Elk "bugle" up a harem.  The stuff of dreams.
Comment by Dennis Trimmer on March 1, 2011 at 12:20pm
Thanks for the info, Bob. We are really excited about this. We both love to work and we both love hiking/nature. What a perfect place for us.
Comment by Bob Kornegay on February 28, 2011 at 1:36pm

Spoke to Becky on the phone yesterday...unless they added a restaurant since 2001, the food service area consists of an area in the back of the store with an ice cream line and an "order" area for pre-packaged sandwiches, etc. that are microwaved.  When I was there, all food was consumed outside at tables under part of the strore roof.  The dorm is accessed by a loop road that goes to the public campground as well.  Employees are shuttled down, or can's not far.  Never saw a fan or ac unit while there..but did turn on the heat at night once in a while.  I'm puzzled about wranglers, and such, being housed there...the wranglers work at Roosevelt, and non of them stayed at Towers when I was there.  The store employees for Roosevelt did, but there were only 4 of them.  The folks who took over from Hamilton Stores had plans to build a much larger store across from Roosevelt.  The ravens and Steller's Jays are beggars and thieves...leave any food unguarded on the tables and watch them swoop in!  We neophytes quickly learned that it is Towers (with an "s") and Fall (without one)  the towers being large rock formations on either side of the fall at the top.  The stairway had been closed for repairs shortly after the 2001 season, and, unless repaired by now, viewed only from the top.  One of the major stops on tour bus routes, part of the appeal was to hike to the bottom and have a huge cone of ice cream as a self-reward for making the climb back up without complaining.  The trail beside/behind the dorm to the right is a nice leg stretcher with interesting little ponds, etc. formed by the stream.  The trail to the left of the campground can be dangerous, as further back, workers have been known to dump road kill in that area...which attracts bears and other scavengers.

There is a trail that can be taken all the way from Towers to Roosevelt (on the west side of the road),  and if you continue north you eventually pass Lost Lake and come out at the petrifie

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