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Today I am going to go for an overnight camping trip. It is to prepare me to sleep alone in a tent. This is another milestone for me as I have never camped alone before. In the past I have always camped in groups or at least with my husband. Am I growing or am I just sad? Am I a badass woman who is unafraid, bold, and independent? Or I am I just plain unlovable alone in the wilderness? Sorry. In any instance I am going on my first solo camping trip.

First I have to go to the salon. Call me superficial. Naturally with a drastic change in person I have decided to give up being a blonde. I am not a natural blonde. My hair is brown. I have been a blonde since I was 14. At this point in my life I have been a blonde longer. Buddhists believe hair has lots of significance to the soul. That is why in times of massive change they shave their heads. I am not Buddhist so I am simply changing the color and changing my soul. In fact the big change is simply returning to a demure shade of brown. Symbolically a return to the natural me. 

This change also has practical reasons. My blonde color is truly a color system. Every four months I get blonded. My blonde is weaved into my hair. The roots are painted during blonding. Every Month I get my roots tapped out without blonding. And every two months my roots are done and some highlights to soften roots. Since my hair is dark there is a special formula and technique to getting my hair long, healthy, and blonde. And it is difficult to find someone who can replicate. Also excited to go bleach free. Whenever we lighten my hair with bleach I get tons of shedding. On the road it would be easier to find someone to do a brown color. This is huge for me. I am transforming from myself into a traveling hospitality worker. I am literally transforming. No one will recognize me. Step one of becoming a woman who doesn't give an F about insignificant crap CHECK.

In regard to the camping I am bouncing between terrified and excited. I am not sure how to start a fire. And I am putting up my own tent. I am leaning towards camping at Antelope Island. I am also exploring dispersed camping in Willow Canyon but I am scared of bears and wildlife. Small steps equal gigantic leaps. I am excited to take pictures of my camp! I am going to cousel with my ex-husband and ask him where I should go.

Antelope Island seemed like a good idea. It had breath taking views of sunrise and sunset. There is the island grill if I got hungry. In the morning I could walk around the Field Garr Ranch. But the knats are swarming because its mating season for them. Willow Canyon is looking like the great idea inspite of wildlife which could be awesome.

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