Thanks for being here! The six of us at CoolWorks welcome you and wish you success in finding your Jobs in Great Places®!, Cool Works' free email account, ends December 31, 2012


We launched this webmail service more than 10 years ago as a free service to provide a non-work email account to job seekers who used Cool Works. We hope it's been a valuable service to you. Login

We will be terminating this service on December 31, 2012. While it is free to you, it is not free to us, and with the proliferation of great free email accounts through the likes of Google, Yahoo and others we have decided to discontinue all "" email accounts.

Thank you for using Cool Works.  We hope you've benefited from our free email and we hope this is not a great inconvenience. Among our reasons for discontinuing the service are the expense, the ready availability of free alternatives, and the ongoing challenge of people taking out an account and using it for spamming others which reflects poorly on us.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you are able to smoothly transition to another free service if you continue to need a separate email account.

You might try one of these:


Best Regards,

Bill Berg
Jobs in Great Places (tm)

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