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Just a quick little note.  I finish my summer season at Alaska Wildland Adventures in a four days.  On Saturday, I'll be going to Anchorage and I have a late flight...9:30 pm.  For the price I was willing to pay I had two choices, 9:30 pm or 5 am.  Everything in the middle the price almost doubled.  I'll be landing in Seattle a little before 2 am.

I have about 4.5 hours layover before catching the connecting flight to Las Vegas.  I'll arrive there a little before 9am.  Yeah, I know, Vegas is a pretty common stop for me...but it's cheap.  I have a room at the El Cortez downtown for $20/night.  I'll be there 6 nights. Like usual I've looked up some different places there, but I'll more than likely just wing it.

I'm taking the bus to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Almost two full days.  There I'll be visiting some family and friends for 6 nights.  Normally I spend two or three days, but I will probably not be able to make it in the spring.  Then up to Green Bay.  My mother is 86, so I try to get there whenever I can.  Where I'll be for another 6.

Another 2 day bus ride back to the southwest.  I should arrive in Phoenix on the 29th.  I'll pick up some final little things before heading to the next job.  Maybe see an Arizona/Chicago Cubs game on Sunday.

On October 1st, I'll catch a ride in the afternoon up to Wickenburg, Arizona.  I'll be working at the Rancho de los Caballeros through Mother's Day 2013.  Looking forward to golfing and riding horses this winter.  I'll learn how skeet shooting is done, and maybe I'll pick up a tennis racket a couple of times too.

I am familiar with the area...for four 'winters' I worked at the Kay El Bar on the other side of town.

I have decided to make a return trip back up to Alaska Wildland Adventures next summer.  Just so much to do with a short season.  More fishing, more hiking, more exploring the Kenai.

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Comment by Keith Larson on September 6, 2012 at 7:53pm

Hi Anticipation.  It would depend on your definition of remote and which part of Alaska Wildland Adventures your at.  I'm located in their Cooper Landing location.  It's a hub of operations and the Kenai Sportsfishing Lodge.  You can fish on the upper Kenai which is right here, or the lower Kenai which is a drive over to Soldotna, or in Resurrection Bay with a drive down to Seward.  There are also a couple of different rafting trips to choose from...and many hikes in the area.  It's also near where the Russian River flows into the Kenai.  They wil also sub-contract with a couple of fishing guides in Seward for Halibut fishing, which is 2-3 hours out into the ocean.

I wouldn't refer to this area as "remote"...but use "very small town rural".  I know many others that with the very limited stores, restaurants/bars, and entertainment venues...they would define this as being remote.

AWA also runs the Kenai Backcountry Lodge and Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge.  These options are truly remote.  Accessible only by boat, or maybe float plane.

They also run "Safari" packages.  Some already built, others adjustable to what the guest is interested in.  They might stay a day or two here, or at any of the other lodges, or fishing, or hiking some trail in the Kenai peninsula, or in the backcountry as far away as Denali.  Or visiting the museums in Anchorage.  So anywhere from remote to not at all.

And wild can be anywhere in Alaska.

Comment by Anticipation . . . on September 4, 2012 at 6:53pm

Hi, Keith,

You have some terrific photos.

Just how wild and remote is Alaska Wildland Adventures?

Comment by aggie71 on September 4, 2012 at 1:07pm

Sounds like a busy winter.  Maybe we'll cross paths in Alaska next year .... would love to meet you in person :-)

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