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   YO - here in Tampa for 2 days - so I have time to catch up . While I've been away from the CW site for a short time , part of my mind has been on the upcoming Season . So I drop in to the MCW site for a visit to the Tribe . Instantly I am greeted by the Tribe Vibe . The exitement of the Summer screams from the screen . Yes ! I got it ! I'm going to ________ !  Yee- Ha !
   Back in the Day me n my peeps called the pre-road adrenalin rush " Boogie Fever "  - Ok ,  now none of us flannel wearing Vibram soled Grizzly Adams Wannabes would be caught dead under the glitter ball of the dance floor .
But , Boogie Fever aptly describes the Groove on MCW :

a. The contract is signed and gone . Which unfortunately is a bit of an anti-climax . Gee , Why can' t I go NOW ? Well , the dorms are cold and the July Hordes are ... well , it isn't July yet .

b. If I can't leave IMMEDIATELY - I'll shop ! Browsing the sites for the best value on the giant size bear spray or the new cool camera .

c. Then it's time to pack - which can lead to speculation - and thus repacking , and then might as well revise the whole gig and pack again - it's fun !

d. Your Friends - let's face it , they are Jealous about your upcoming Adventure . So give'em a break and tone down the constant texts of ______ (insert locale) trivia . It' s just too much for them .

e. The trail maps of the area are already downloaded - in fact , you have them memorized - which leads to the question - Gee , when will I find the time for my job ? There's so much to do and see .

f. You peruse CW , it's exciting , informative . The site wants the imagination to fly and say - why not and what if and let's go .

SO that's what I received as an uplifting gift from dropping in to MCW - The Boogie Fever and all the promise it holds for us . See you later - maybe for a cool job in August .

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Comment by Polident/Divet/Scarface on March 8, 2011 at 8:35am
The Boogie Fever has kept me on the highways of the world for all of my adult life . My kit is light and my spirit greets discovery like an old school chum . VIVA BOOGIE FEVER
Comment by bonsi mcgraw on March 2, 2011 at 4:18pm

JP come to Yellowstone in August when you return to USA ! I am certainly Xanterra or DNC will have work . You can be a "supply pogue" , -what is that ? My mates here are in the Boogie Fever as well . This website is good like you say for imagination . Come to Mammoth for a Beer if travels permit

Comment by JPH on March 2, 2011 at 8:16am
Hey Anne ! Happy to see u are AK bound! .....Bonsi -Dude , the Marines have cooks/clerks and supply pogues - meaning jobs that are more safe . I apologize - but hear this - there is no glory . And Yee -Ha  2 u - Mammoth will be fun .

...Hey Kari , I hadso much fun catching up - the Vibe really is palpable .....Aggie , Belated Congratulations ! And what's the price on your vintage ride ? I Could use a late model pick-up like yours , does it have ipod hookup? FM reception is sketchy where I stay .

Back in the saddle shortly to continue my latest coolworks . It was great to drop in and catch the update . Jessilynn , my saintly ,patient everloving Flame  even came to visit and SPOKE to me . Life is Good

Every Day a Holiday - Every Meal a Feast
Comment by Anneliese on March 2, 2011 at 7:03am
Hey JP, Good to hear from Ya!!!
Comment by bonsi mcgraw on March 1, 2011 at 3:05pm
Yes JP I feel the Fever as well . One more walking in nature before I try for the Devil Dogs . As you say YEE-HA !
Comment by aggie71 on March 1, 2011 at 9:51am
Hell....I changed my profile pic to the backend of my truck!  What does that tell ya?
Comment by aggie71 on March 1, 2011 at 9:51am
Yeah JP .... let's Boogie!   It is building to a fever pitch in here for sure.  Peeps come in here to chat just 'cause they relate that to leaving for their job :-)   Don't matter what we chat about, last year's job, really dumb jokes....Brenda's parakeets ...whatever.   Yeah....we got the Boogie Fever bad and the temperature is rising.

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