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"HERE COMES MY BIG CHANCE" or Hmmmm ... seasonal work ?

I'm feeling the need to continue the "Are You Afraid," blog but in a different vein . The title is a phrase I will often use when hitchhiking our World . Typically I mumble the phrase when I'm parched , the "road" is a prayer at best and the next goat truck might just be my express  ticket to a chilled Cerveza or a Twinkee resupply point ... I digress .

This ramble is directed towards  people already in the labor market who might thinking about seasonal employment . Maybe you've been downsized out of a career , or how about an escape from the grind for a few months ? Many folks are looking for new skills and perhaps a complete career makeover . 

Leaping in to the Great Unknown is a foreign idea to most . Like me , maybe you were raised to attain the American Dream . You know , go to school ,get the job , marriagekidsmorgagecareerretire and kaput . Wow... I'm not knocking the Dream , I knelt at the shrine of the American Way for many moons . My mind became dulled by the barrage of the daily routine . My Soul hanging out at the "lost but not yet  found Dept ."  What Dream ? Why does the Dream stifle me ? 

A few of my road friends are disillusioned refugees seeking escape from our manic 24/7/365 society . Walking to work among  bison and elk is a refreshing change from the normal commute . Want to kill your TV ? Pitch the cell in the bin ? No worries - media reception in many/most work sites is bad or non-existent . Tired of the same crowd ? Come on out and make friends with someone from a different continent or culture while you wash dishes - and get paid for it .
If you are on the fence , go ahead and explore Coolworks some more . There are outstanding members willing to give advice on this lifestyle - it  can be and is a lifestyle for many .The reason I wrote this blog --- Having worked as a Medic I often enjoyed listening to elderly patients share their memories of their lives and work . Mostly their faces remained stoic when they remark on the 30 yrs with the Company .But when mentioning  their adventures and misadventures of a long life their faces became animated , a fresh sparkle in the eye . Urban medic duty also taught me graphically that any moment could be your last . So , grab as much info as possible and maybe take the plunge - good or bad , the experience may change your life . All I know is that for myself , when I'm older, stuck, in a chair and peeing in to a bag - when applesauce is my daily highlight , I want to sit and drool on the many albums of my  life Thanks for reading - JP

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Comment by Jim White on December 28, 2010 at 9:05am
I just posted on other blog,but I am so excited ,about it here this goes too.after letting go 2 years ago and foll..owing a dream I'm the happest I 've been in years,I try not to make  comments,that take us away from our new found love,we live in a RV where at a minute notice we can be on the road, catching the next photograph or the next exploration of indian ruins,we have no clocks in the winter,Wow!! I could go on for hours...Our son calls us American Nomads,adventure seekers, could be a little of both....Great Blog
Comment by aggie71 on December 27, 2010 at 8:52pm
Amen brother ... that is exactly why I didn't pursue another Project Manager position when I got canned.   The outplacement firm, of course, thought I had gone totally mad (and they also clearly realized they weren't making any fat commission on my next job).  The following summer I had the best summer of my life in Yellowstone :-) with many great summers to come (I hope).
Comment by akscootr on December 27, 2010 at 5:28pm

Ditto... I can't have said it better


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