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Is Whittier Prettier or Shi.......ttier.????

Well back with Ciri Alaska Tourism for my second season in a row, first time in my seasonal career I have repeated with the same company.  Last summer I spent a rainy, yet enjoyable summer in Seward with KFT, so this year I braved it, took my chances and switched to our other location in beautiful???? funkadelic Whittier Alaska.  Needless to say the quote be careful what you wish for has played somewhat true here, yet I am making the best of this rather funky Alaska Railroad town and fishing port.  The jewel is that it is the gateway to the majestic Prince William Sound.  A gem of an ecosystem with the most abundant amount of tidewater glaciers anywhere in North America or the world for that matter.   Now why do you think there are so many glaciers here? can anyone guess?  I wait for comments before I go into my commentary on this rather unique and glorious ecosystem.  Of course that is the highlight here.  Another highlight is that it is probably easier to save money since there is zilch to do until the snow melts and the hiking trails are open.  Whittier is home to roughly 180 year round residents, many railroad employees, fisherman and whatevers who call this place  home and is only accessible by sea or a tunnel that stays open for 15 minutes each direction on the hour and 1/2 hour depending on which direction you are going.  From Anchorage it is about an hour's drive down the Seward highway around Turnigan arm, past Girdwood and Portage until you reach the Anderson.    tunnel.  Everyone's lives is dictated by that tunnel and living in a town where you are litteraly closed in by the mountain has it's lows and highs. I heard from a local a few years back it was worse and the parking lot near the dock that now hosts a couple of gift shops was only dirt.  There is still a boat junk yard and it generally is not an attractive appearing town, if you can even call it a town.  All the towns residents for the most part live in the Begich Towers, a highrise condo/apt complex where both year round and seasonal people live.  I share a three bedroom apartment with a view of waterfalls with two others, and we also have two other apartments for other staff.  I am working this year for Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises so we have a small staff of 10 people which includes two captains, deckhands, office and management. So Far another interesting adventure at hand, magical scenery, interesting people and the charm of small town funky alaska. Hope everyone is doing great.



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