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   As a some of you know I have worked at Grand Canyon South Rim (GCSR) 3 times. In between my time there I have gone to 2 locations in AK, Phoenix AZ, and back to stay with family in NH. 

Before starting work @ GCSR, I have lived for short periods of time in Kingman AZ, UT, CA, NH, TN, KY, & FL.

Now it seems to me that whenever I apply for jobs, the person doing the interview will glance through and then look at me saying you move alot (that happened again today). My last job was with Xanterra for 7.5 months. Now in the land of Coolworks, that might be a long seasonal stint. But in the "real world" 7 months is a rather short time.

I wonder, now that I have started working seasonal jobs, I might just have to continue with that way of life. Now don't get me wrong...that can be a good thing. In fact right now there are quite a few jobs/locations hiring on this site that interest me. So while I am crashing on a friend's sofa in Vegas, I am applying to new seasonal work.

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Comment by Matthew Frazer on April 5, 2016 at 5:54pm

hi there re UCCR I tried to contact several Parks and Camps in S CA hard re

National Park's we have to try harder it seem's

Comment by shannon Baas on February 2, 2016 at 3:18am


I understand how you feel.  I have had the same problem when I try to find work around home.  I think they are afraid you will find another seasonal job and leave them.  Of course, the pay at home is also horrible so not looking to find anything around there although mom would love it if I would.

Comment by CB on January 15, 2015 at 7:33pm
I understand. I worked one seasonal job a a couple of years ago and I experienced the same thing. It may be easier for younger kids but I'm in my 40's It kind of wrecked my resume. Despite that, I am seriously considering going out again but that is one of the things on my mind. I do think that the short job thing can be overcome if the hiring manager is aware of the fact that the short stints were intentional and a way of life. But that would have to be explained to them during the hiring process or in a cover letter. As I move forward I'm thinking about setting up my job back home for the off season (winter) before I leave. Easier said than done I know. Or possibly to except a summer seasonal job then winter seasonal job lifestyle which I'm sure some do. I would be interested in insight from more experienced seasonal workers.

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