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Wow we have been so blessed with incredible weather here in Whittier the last few days, unbelievable... hello I thought I was in Alaska and not California.. all kidding, what a blessing, as living in a Northern Temperate rainforest where it rains 80% of the time, the last few days have peaked @ around 70... pushing that a bit, beautiful blue skies with a few patchy clouds.. hey maybe I should be a weather right...


Despite the challenges of living in a community of roughly 186 or so year round residents, which jumps to maybe 500 in the summer, having nice weather is definitely a plus.  Yesterday I had the day off and went out on our boat, and we were blessed. Numerous Otter Rafts (multiples of 10 plus otters hanging out together and being lazy...) Salmon jumping and Eagles everywhere. Prince William Sound is known for having the highest concentration of Tidewater Glaciers in North America and the world for that matter.  Even though we do not get the high abundance of Wildlife as Kenai Fjords has, we have Sea Otter Rafts which they don't.  Otters are ever so endearing and seeing them hanging with 10, 20 or even more is particularly enchanting.  Mom's with babies and even on an iceberg.  Sea Otters are the only non-blubber Marine mammal that can survive in this brisk cold waters becuase they have 1,000,000 hairs per square inch to keep them warm and cozy.  I love seeing them and on icebergs is even more of a hoot.  This summer I am juggling working in the office and checking in all our wonderful passengers with some work on the boat as well.  Last weekened I worked our Glacier Adventure 4 hour tour one day, and we had a full boat.  We include an Alaskan King Crab cake lunch so you spend a lot of time feeding and cleaning when you work on our boats, yet even though it is always fun talking to the passengers and seeing where they are from and what brought them up here to the Icy cold waters of Prince William Sound. Whittier is conventinently located only an hour from Anchorage via the Anderson Tunnel which opens and closes in each direction every 1/2 hour.  Taking a boat tour out to the Glaciers is the highlight of Whittier, otherwise there is not much to do.  There are some hiking trails, and it is a prime fishing port.  I am making the best of it, even though I am having Seward seperation anxiety from Seward, my motto is to make the best out of life.  The advantage is having the opportunity and being grateful to work in a beautiful place, surrounded by everything magic in nature.  No job is perfect,yet you try to make it perfect for you.  Well I sincerely hope everyone is having a fabulous summer, and for those of you also working here in alaska get in touch with me to come down for a boat ride, and I can arrange for some type of discount.  Until later, have a beautiful otterly fantastic day.

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Comment by Thomas Long on August 31, 2011 at 1:50am
Amazing pics! Otters are my favorite animals too. Thanks for the post!!! (P.S. Your lucky on the weather front!Orcas was super cold all summer.)
Comment by Janet E Fisher on July 14, 2011 at 12:36pm

Otters are my favorite animal.  Thanks for sharing your photos.

I am new to seasonal working in National Parks, so I hope to take advantage of several different sites over the years.  I'll keep watching for new comments and blogs so I can learn from you all.



Comment by aggie71 on June 25, 2011 at 6:33pm
Cute post! The otters look like fun :-) Hope we run into one another when I eventually go to Alaska! Richard

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