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Living and working in Kenai Fjords (aka Seward alaska) is getting better and better. By far the best seasonal experience I have had, and the perks are incredible. I have been on numerous wildlife boat trips, and this week I am staying at our Wilderness Lodge on Fox Island. Out in the middle of Resurrection Bay ( actually a Fjord) we have a remote wilderness lodge. 8 cabins and all you can eat Salmon Bake , Crab and more. The scenery surpasses many places I have been, yet there is beauty in all places.

The highlight of course is the wildlife. We have Resident Orcas that we see regularly, Humpbacks, Sea Otters, Steller Sea Lions, Puffins and more. I feel so joyfully blessed to be amongst this magical place. The scenery is dramatic with the Chugach Range to the west and the Kenai Mountains on the east. It is truly spectacular in all regards.

Last week myself and some other staff went on a Fam Cruise as part of our work training on Prince William Sound. To call a six hour cruise on a mystical fjord surrounded by tidewater glaciers and waterfalls work is something pretty special. We past rafts of Sea Otters who were relaxing gracefully on icebergs which was pretty adorable. I h
ave to say I feel pretty lucky and grateful to be able to live and work here. The only negative would be that without having a job that includes housing, there is none here. So make sure if you embark on a journey to work in this region you find a position that includes housing, or you might find yourself camping in your car or a tent. For me this is truly a magical place that is blessed with fantastic beauty.Sea View of the arm.JPGP1100760.JPG

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Comment by Dawna Raven sky on August 12, 2010 at 2:58pm
Rose I just saw your comment. I have worked at three places in Alaska, two of them seasonal and one permanent. The one where I am at now, has a few older people, yet mostly youngins.. I am a Customer Service Supervisor for Kenai Fjords Wildlife land Glacier Tours. It is a good company, yet there are a lot of young kids. I have spent most of my free time on our boats, and alone. I have met a couple of people, yet it is really young here, although I am a very youthful 54.... in any case no matter what it is always hit or miss when you do seasonal work, you just have to let go and fly with it and enjoy the experience which I have. Sometimes in the National Parks there are more older people.
Comment by aggie71 on August 12, 2010 at 2:05pm
Hi Sky .... not sure why it took me so long to read this blog :-) As you know, you have me convinced! I absolutely love Seward and I have never been there! With that said I went off and bought a place in Colorado, so that may divert my attention for a few months. Eventually I hope to give Alaska a try .... it is a goal/dream of mine. Really neat to hear you living the dream now.
Comment by Sharon Rose Zinn on August 12, 2010 at 4:50am
Hi, I am looking at Alaska for next summer. Would you kindly tell me where you worked? Also I am one of the older and bolder crowd. Would I fit in? Thanks, Sharon
Comment by Kathi on June 14, 2010 at 9:05pm
Excellent update! Thanks for sharing. I really liked Seward, had a good feel to it. And amazing scenery. A really fun 4th of July festival. Enjoy!!
Comment by janice ball on June 8, 2010 at 6:37pm
All sounds wonderful.. and some great images.. hope to get to Alaska one day....have a great time , but i guess you already are. be safe, be happy

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