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I've had alot of crazy stuff happen lately, among them a serious surgery which totally prevented me from taking my job in Yellowstone. HR understood completely, staying in touch with me as my doctors put me on 6 weeks medical leave, which includes no bending or twisting my back, and no lifting any weights over of 10 pounds. A gal can't cook under those restrictions. 

Serious Bummer!

I missed working preseason at Snowlodge, and now, I'll miss Lake Lodge, and I do mean miss.If you get a chance to work in Yellowstone, do it. Xanterra is a great employer. Maybe someday I'll get to go back.


So, for this season, I'm recouping and maybe going to settle down here by my family. Life happens when you're making other plans





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Comment by 40Rob on May 20, 2012 at 10:58pm

Carol, wow, amazing.....I wish you a speedy recovery and hope this surgery does not keep you from the seasonal life.....ditto for AlaskaScooter.  I am home here in Phoenix helping my mom recovery from spine/neck surgery and though it does seem as if I can hit the road pretty soon here, there are times I wonder if I should.  Life just happens sometimes, don't it?  I wish you both the best with your recoveries!  45Rob

Comment by akscootr on May 20, 2012 at 10:13pm

 Yes....highly underated. So rest friend....  :)...   I will lean on you when mine happens. I have been told pain will be  in abundance when I go under....  So smile now that yours is gone.t.... peace... :)


Comment by Carol on May 20, 2012 at 5:36pm

Thanks akscootr, I love hearing from friends. Hope your surguries go well. Mine took away so much pain, I can actually sleep again. Sleep is way underrated.

Comment by akscootr on May 20, 2012 at 3:20pm

Hope you get better soon Carol. Much luv to you....  :) Same thing here if it helps any; I will have a pin installed in my thumb sometime next week and my feet, shoulder, and possibly the knee will need surgery also. It makes seasonal work much harder to accomplish....  :(  

But, if we can't go back to the awesome seasonal lifestyle, at least we did it. Coolworks helped us get a great experience in life; I share it with many curious people and advise when I can. So there are many ways to stay involved and see others grow because of having a Coolworks experience. It is very rewarding to see others get excited about being on an advenure....  :)

Keep your head up....  Alaska awaits you...  :)   peace amiga

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