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I know its been to long since I've been on here, just thought i'd give a quick update! 

I made it to Skagway, AK!!! yay! Have been working as a Adventure Guide and have totally loved every second of it! Not only have I been blown away by the pure beauty of SE Alaska, but also by all of the amazing people I have gotten to know & love. 

Seems like I every now and then I catch myself thinking, "holy moses! I'm actually in Alaska!" Cant believe I finally made it here. One thing I do know, is that this will be a summer I'll never forget. 

So now, some roommates and I are wondering what to do this winter? Some ppl are wanting to go work for a ski resort, I'd really like to do snowmobile tours! If anyone has any good advice or knows of some companies (that also help provide housing), please let me know!

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Comment by Dish on October 28, 2016 at 10:47pm

few companies round here, not sure on housing but worth a look.. Towgette mountain lodge, Senic Safaris (they;ve got most of the yellowstone permits from this end) and old faithful snowmobile tours. this end being Jackson Wy

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