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Hey everyone, it's been a while!

I knew a lot of you a couple of years ago. I worked at Flagg Ranch, in Wyoming with my boyfriend during the summer of 2009. I had to return to life afterwards, graduate college, and get a job in the major I chose; graphic design.

Which is where I'm at now. And it feels good to be building my "career", with a degree under my belt.


But something isn't right.


For starters, I'm making just enough to get by. Every cent from paychecks immediately goes to paying rent, bills, and loans. And it is extremely discouraging.

The job itself is more than stressful, to say the least. Meeting deadlines everyday, and worrying about things that do not amount to any real problems that this world is facing. And it makes me think.


Is this the life I was meant for? Stressing over magazine layouts and making just enough money to get by; not enjoying life in the least bit? Absolutely not. I know I was meant for much more.

I know that to find myself, I need to travel and experience all that I can. Stuck in this town, the same one I grew up in, with a job that probably won't lead to anything else, will not help me find myself and my calling.


So, now what? Do I quit my job and go after a dream? - while disappointing every family member on the way? The first grandchild, the first niece, the first daughter to graduate high school, college, get  a "real" job.

Is it worth all of that disappointment so that I can find myself? So that I am happy and doing what I was meant to do?


I'm really at a loss, guys. Any input would be helpful, as I know a lot of you, if not all of you know exactly what I'm dealing with.



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Comment by akscootr on January 30, 2011 at 5:49pm

Catherine... Look inside of yourself and see that you have already answered your question. Do you want to be happy or unhappy? Do you want to live your life for yourself or for others? "Life is not a dress rehearsal" has been quoted; you only get one chance at living your life. Do your parents want you to be happy? My father gave up trying to get me to be a lawyer or doctor because he could see that I would be miserable, as I was when I did the 9-5 or owned my businesses. You are a graphic design grad...creativity is your forte?.....

Alaska is expensive... unless one uses creativity. There are many, like myself, that live on a sailboat. It costs, with electric, about $100 a month. Add fishing (and bartender/server) job and I am fed, paid decently, and live cheaply. You can use your creativity to accomplish the same thing..... anywhere.

I am sorry that I can't find "Jack's Story" from long ago on this forum; It would make the answer clear. Kari... Can you find that? I hope so... but in a nutshell 2 older folks did the 9-5 traditional career thing and saved for retirement. Just before that happened the wife died and the husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They worked their entire lives for.... ?  Nothing. His advise to a young couple with the same dream (as he sold his motorhome to them)?... DO IT NOW! You never know when it will be too late.... It was a sad yet very inspiring true story.

So Catherine... my advise is to look inside of yourself and figure out what YOU want. Live for YOU! And then JUST DO IT! Good luck... I am here if you have any questions I can help with. I can also help with Alaska jobs in Seward this summer....  Good luck, mi amiga.  Akscootr

Comment by GT MAC on January 30, 2011 at 12:35pm

The american dream is simply just to pay bills and nothing more in today's economy for most of us. My parents are still in the dream world and have achieved the dream as most people see it. I have no desire to impress anyone buy myself and to mantain my health. As I explain to my parents just about once a month we don't live in a country that you can count on retirement anymore. If I ever get the money to retire I won't be doing it in this country and that depends on what I've learned on my own not in the university. If you have a job that is going somewhere and you can see that for the next 20 years go with it. That is of course if you're not replaced from a college grad that will work for 1/3 the pay 10 years from now due to insurance cost or the corporate bottom line. It's funny all the cost of living rent/mortage,food,gas and everything else doesn't get any more affordable.  I know from looking for full time work that it's a goal that simply isn't real for me and many like me. I've gone back to investing and it seems to me that it's the way that I will retire or at least buy a decent RV in the next few years without going into debt. The bottom line for me is that if you really don't see yourself going anywhere with a career and it's just about making ends meet it's a waste. We chat on this site and we talk about living and working in great places that most people will never be able to go. We are lucky and I hope that everyone can't experience at least one season of freedom. Most people never do even if they can. Wish you the best and hope you can get what you're looking for in work.

Comment by bonsi mcgraw on January 30, 2011 at 11:11am
sound like you are ready to change - let it flow and grow .
Comment by JPH on January 30, 2011 at 10:35am
Ken said it succintly on a prior blog - This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal . Good Luck . Follow your Dreams .
Comment by jackie morris on January 30, 2011 at 9:01am
Does your family really want u to b unhappy? just my opinion but if it was my mother or sister ...I would want them to do what makes them happy!!! you sound like u have made up your mind but u dont want to disappoint the family, but hopefully u can make them understand that u r not happy and need to let your wings fly:)  take one day at a time u dont know what will happen tommorrow so live life to the fullest  good luck

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