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Number 15 Completed and It's On to the 16th

This morning I completed my summer season at Alaska Wildland Adventures at their Kenai Riverside Lodge in Cooper Landing.  It was another fantastic season and flew by a bit too quickly.  It was my second season there as the Lead Breakfast Chef, the same as I had last year.  I was going to write a "Day in the Life" blog...but realized it was almost the same as last year's: 2012's Day in the Life

This year there were some differences.  First brought on by the weather.  HOT and sunny. the Kenai.  We live in tent cabins and they baked in the afternoon;s slooow moving sun.  Last year I went to bed early and got up early (I start at 2am!)  This year I slept in the early afternoon and took a nap at night.

The season included the Cooper Landing Softball Tournament, the Moose Pass Solstice Festival, visiting Seward's Sea Life Center, spending a weekend at one of the sister lodges, the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, and fishing on Resurrection Bay and the Kenai River.

And bear encounters.  I wrote about one Good Morning, Bear  but there were many more successful hellos.

I have uploaded many pics from the season: AWA Album 2013

It's going to be a hard December decision.  I want to move on, I do seasonal work to keep it rolling.  But this place is something special.

So what's next?

I'm in a hotel in Anchorage tonight as I write this entry.  Tomorrow afternoon I fly to Green Bay.  A loooonnng way, but cheap.  I first fly to Seattle tomorrow late afternoon.  Then overnight to Dulles in Washington DC.  Wed morning first take me back to Chicago's O'Hare, then onto Green Bay.  My mother and one of my sisters live in De Pere.  I'm going to drop off a couple of bags of heavy clothes and some misc. articles.  I'm not going to need warm clothes where I'm heading.

Friday I take a bus to Chicago.  Saturday I have an early flight to New York and then to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I have a long layover there and fly out Sunday morning to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  I'll catch a taxi to the other side of the island where I'll catch a passenger ferry to Cruz Bay on St John.  there I'll catch another taxi to the other side of the island where I will be for a month.

It's at Concordia Eco Resorts and it's called a Work Exchange Program.  It's kind of like workamping, but without an RV.  It's their off-season.  Temps are around 90 with 90% humidity and it's also hurricane season...  But they bring a few people in each month for minor maintenance duties and caretaking.  I have one of those slots.  I'll work 5 6-hr shifts a week and will get my cabin free...on the beach.  No money changes hands.  I'll write a Day in the Life, but it might be after the season is over...not positive about the internet access and not sure if I want to pay attention to the outside world.

I found the opportunity on their website.  A few people here suggested to me to give Maho Bay Camps a look.  This is at a sister resort on the slower side of the island.  Maho Bay Camps was actually sold this spring to a developer.  They are no more.  It's located on the southeastern tip and gets plenty of trade winds blowing across the Atlantic Ocean  the only thing between it and Africa.  It has a trail starting at it's driveway that goes through the Virgin Islands National Park and a short 2-mile hike to Coral Bay and a bus stops there with a $1-fare to Cruz Bay and the northside beaches.

I am still looking at #17.  I am talking slllowlyy with both Deer Valley Resort in the Salt Lake area and the Keystone resort in Summit county, Colorado.  Hopefully I'll have a decision soon.

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