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The Old Glenn Highway Hike near Sheep Mountain

The weather cleared today after eight rather chilly and wet days. It's my day off and I decided to take a walk. I'm at Sheep Mountain Lodge for the summer. It's at Mile 113.5 on the West Glenn Highway.

At Mile 115...that's east...begins a section of the Old Glenn Highway that travels for 4 miles before it reconnects with the current highway at Mile 118.5. There is a system of trails behind Sheep Mountain Lodge that comes out very near 115. I hiked that a couple of weeks ago. You can take the marked trail "Thriller" and where it turns back you can take a side trail that will take you out. When I went I took some game trails and explored the mountain area and then one of the many creeks coming down.

Today I decided to just walk up the highway...plenty of shoulder the connection. Most of the road is still paved, but some of it is gravel. There are many ditches cut through the old road and most of these ditches also have a small stream rolling through. I think the largest was almost three feet at the widest point. Most have at least a section that is maybe 18 inches in width for an easy hop across.

I saw a lot of moose scat but no actual moose. Heard many different bird songs. Maybe caught a glimpse of a porcupine, but it scooted pretty quickly into the surrounding woods.

At the 118.5 Mile Intersection there is a trailhead for a system that will go behind Gunsight and Sheep Mountains and around near the Horn Mountains. Maybe someday I'll try a little bit. I believe there is also a trail from back here that will go near the top of Gunsight Mountain too. I like going up things like that...not so thrilled about going back down.

There is a picnic bench at this area and I stopped and ate a little sack lunch that I brought along. There is also an outhouse here. Um, if you go there, they don't always have toilet paper, and it has been awhile...your eyes will feel it as soon as you turn the corner.

I then walked back to the lodge along the current West Glenn Highway. The new highway is more spacious. The old highway has many spots where all you see is trees on each side, but when it does open up on the south side there is a great view. The West Glenn is a National Scenic Byway as it winds through the valley between the Chugach Mountains to the south and the Talkeetnas to the north.

Next week, if the weather is OK, I'll take a hike near Lion's Head.

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