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I am getting paranoid about how much I have packed! Been reading over the blog posts from others and it doesn't seem like I am that far out of line- but seems many can get everything in a duffel and backpack. I have a footlocker and some of the recyclable grocery bags. Any hints and comments will be greatly appreciated.

In the footlocker I have packed-


Beach towel

Swim suit

5 short sleeve t-shirts

2 long sleeve t-shirts

1 Long sleeve denim shirt

2 pair shorts

1 pair of capris for trips to town and a light sweater to go with

PJ's and Robe

Ten pair underwear


Black socks and white socks (black for work, white for play)

1 hooded sweatshirt, 1 regular sweatshirt

Alarm Clock

I will be ironing and hanging three pair of work slacks and one work shirt to supplement what is issued.

Also hanging will be my jacket and a heavy sweater.

In my backpack I will pack clothes for the road trip- 2 pair jeans, undergarments, t-shirts (Might take some of the t-shirts out of the trunk and carry them in the travel bag.)

I have one bag with toiletries enough to last from May to Oct as I do not want to go out of park to buy such things. Shampoo, deodorant,soap, denture products, allergy meds etc.

I have two pair work shoes, sneakers, hiking boots and flip flops for the shower.

Yet to pack- camera, laptop, phone and chargers for those.

I have a bag with books. stationery, cards. 

Also bringing my tent, sleeping bag, camp stove and fuel, fishing rods.

ARRRGGGHHH! Seems like so much!

I am ripping it all down this weekend and rethinking this!


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Comment by Melissa Whitener on April 25, 2013 at 4:10am

Thanks Keith! I am driving a nice roomy Honda Element so no worries on space in the vehicle. I was more worried about space in the dorm room! I think there are a couple things I can leave out- maybe a couple of the t-shirts- as you are right- they do breed like rabbits and I am sure to acquire one or two while I am out there. 

I can always leave some things in the vehicle- the extra toiletry items for example and of course the camping gear and fishing items.

Just reread the list- and I see I have not put in a pair of sweatpants lol

ROFL on the bus driver and naked passengers.

I think I will be ok with just two pair of jeans- I can wear them more than once, The extra uniform slacks is a luxury I know- but I sure don't want to be doing laundry every day and am not sure how many of each component they issue.

Thanks for the input! I hope I remember to update this later once I have been there for a month. Make notes to myself on what I can leave home next time.

Comment by Keith Larson on April 24, 2013 at 11:44pm

You are doing pretty good, Melissa.  First one question...what is your mode of transportation?  If you're driving and it're good.

Now if you're flying, or enjoying a nice train ride, or maybe being adventure on a bus...that's when you really start cutting down to that pack and duffel or two suitcases.  Those extra fees rack up fast...and the physical labor of lugging it around stations is not always an enjoyable chore too.

And notice also that many of us who do get it down to that level, also ship some stuff ahead.  Things like books, dvds, cds can go media mail...others can go postal post or UPS or if you want to spend the extra bucks Priority Mail or overnight shipments.

Things like camping/fishing gear doesn't stand much of a chance.  Then it would be pare down on the clothing.  Things like 4 pairs of pants total including what you're wearing...the bus driver may or may not let you on if you're naked.  Sometimes I have an extra pair or two of those running pants, they roll up tiny and weigh very light.  Two pair of shoe max..again wearing the heaviest...ok flip flops I wasn't adding in as shoes.  If I need or want extra, I'm most likely needing a new pair of something...Zappos can deliver there just as easily and probably beat me there.  T-shirts...I'm always getting new T-shirts every place I go, they breed like rabbits sometimes...sometimes I ship em...but I'm only bringing a couple with me.  Ditto sweaters.

I bring a starter of all those soaps and shampoos and sometimes I'm kinda remote.  But amazon and mail all of that stuff, and while dollar stores and Walmart may beat their prices sometimes...they're inline with the Kmarts and Target store price ranges.

But like I started to say.  If you're driving and it fits...without jabbing you in the neck while you're operating your's a good list...don't change a thing.

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