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First let me say that was the fastest 2 1/2 days of my life!  I also need to add what a way to travel!   I thoroughly enjoyed my trip from Bellingham Washington to Haines Alaska on the 50 year old Alaska Marine Highway.   Now, mind you, it is not cheap.  If you take your vehicle you will drop a cool $1,000 for the privilege of riding the ferry.   The only consolation is that the driver is "free" :-) It is expensive, but so is gasoline along the Alcan Highway. If you drive, you do the driving ..... it was so relaxing for me to just sit back in the observation lounge and watch the scenery go by. If I felt sleepy I could take a problem, only to wake up to more spectacular mountains and glistening water.  Of course having two days of absolutely clear, blue sky weather didn't hurt.  As someone mentioned it was "chamber of commerce" weather for most of our trip.....perfect for those brochure pictures.  One tip I can give you is stock up on food and drinks at your local grocery, and bring them on board. I brought an ice chest with drinks, and lots of food.  I ended up only buying two meals over nearly a 3 day period.  This saved significant dollars.  Another aspect of the trip I need to mention is the intriguing mix of people you will meet.  I met all types of people, from native Alaskans going home to a guy from Kentucky who sold everything and decided to head for Alaska on a whim. No job, no place to stay ..... just a dream :-)  There are young people, old people, and everything in between.  You are just about guaranteed to meet someone your age! It's amazing what good friends you can develop in 2 days.  So with that I'll wrap up this blog by just inviting you to experience the Alaska Marine Highway .... it's a real trip.   Ranger Rich

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Comment by Keith Larson on April 25, 2013 at 12:13am

Someday.  Three previous seasons in Alaska and beginning the 4th.  But it's usually a time thing...or a money thing and I end up flying.  Like his time I'm finishing one season at noon on Monday, flying overnight and being picked up at noon on Tuesday.  Or last fall, when my first day to leave Cooper Landing was the time when one was leaving Juneau that same morning...a stay for the next one would have increased the price another $500 for hotels and that wasn't worth it.  (price of one-way from Phoenix-Anchorage was $300 straight non-stop)

Comment by Ann Carr on April 24, 2013 at 7:28pm

I agree with what Ranger Rick has to say about the Alaska Marine Highway...  If you don't mind driving another 1100 miles, you can leave out of Prince Rupert and get to your destination for a lesser cost.  My trip from Texas along with the gas, hotels, food on board the vessel less the pups I carried ran me around $1200.  Now to make that money up in Tips.. lol.  Glad to be here though.  

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