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The Stanley Hotel , A Real Stephen King adventure!!

Greetings All my Coolworks Followers,
This blog of mine I will discuss my time at the Stanley Hotel and Estes Park, Colorado. I was hired to work at the Stanley Hotel beginning on May 17, 2010. My position was to be a houseman working within the housekeeping department for the summer. My initial impressions of the historical Stanley Hotel was one of "man this place is really OOOOOLLLDDDD!!!" , the hotel has the Victorian look to it and the aging creaking floor boards to match. When I arrived they were just finishing up renovations to the guest rooms. The employees however are great! a majority are from Mexico however, in Colorado that is the norm I think. Most all of the non-seasonal staff live in Estes Park as well.
The employee dormitories are two white 2 story houses located on the west side of the hotel, aptly named the South and North Dorms. These are both well worn structures but have been freshly repainted and have large living room/kitchen areas in each house. These also each have free laundry machines as well. I would say each dorm has 12 rooms per building and have both single or double beds in them. The bathrooms are roomy in the North Dorm and small in the South dorm.
Most of the Stanley seasonal summer staff are college students from across the country and some are from eastern Europe as well. There is a big Nepalese college student crowd working up here, as well as alot of Russians and Ukrainians too. Overall the hotel is a great place to work and spend the summer , I plan to return here again next summer season 2011!
The town of Estes Park has a population of 6,000 people and is located right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park in the northern Colorado Rockies. It is your tourist trap town! T-shirt shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and ice cream shops blanket the main drag called Elkhorn Avenue. It is crazy busy in the summertime and with events like the 4th of July the town gets beyond crowded.
You will need a car up here, as there is really no public transportation but the visitor shuttles that run around town and up to the Park. Nearest big city is Longmont or Loveland and they have malls and yes WALMART!!
I hope this blog has given you a possible venue for seeing and visiting the Stanley Hotel and yes it is very haunted too!! They have employee ghost tours (required to go on if hired) and they do employee ghost hunts as well. The most paranormal activity happens in the main building lobby and on the fourth floor. Room 217 is known to have a housekeeper that still folds your clothes and straighens up the room over night as you sleep. The Concert Hall and Carriage House are also hotbeds of activity as well. The two main paranormal teams of our time have been here TAPS and GHOST HUNTERS and they have filmed shows here too. This has been a great experience for this middle aged guy and the people and the work I will enjoy remembering the most. The Rocky Mountains up here are beyond majestic and the summers are not really hot and nights are very cool. This is a unvarnished, no holds barred , look at this hotel.

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Comment by Michael Murray on October 17, 2010 at 1:17pm
Hi Carolann! Yes I do know Joe Johnson at Big Sky , MT. Joe is a great person and good friend. I'm glad you are interested in the Stanley Hotel. Some friends that worked Big Sky Resort last winter plan to work up there next summer. I'd apply no later than February 30! You may download a printable application at click on CONTACT tab and Human Resources will be listed on that page. I hope this helps! and stay in touch! Mike M.
Comment by Carolann on October 17, 2010 at 7:32am
Thanks for the lowdown on the Stanley. It is one of the places I would like to do a season at. Do you know when they start hiring for the season?

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