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Top 6 Colleges for Women to Get STEM Education?

Being a woman involved in STEM education and subsequently one of its majors is one of the proudest and hardest things that you can do. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and it represents the four hardest and by all accounts most useful majors you can enroll as a student.

This is because experts in these fields are on the short side in today’s market, not only because the courses are hard, but because there are many other alternatives to consider. If however, you are a woman looking for STEM education and have decided that this is your path, what are some of the top colleges that you can enroll to become what you wanted all along?

Westminster College

Believe it or not, Westminster’s student body in STEM majors is split down the middle, with 50/50% in male and female population attending the classes. Not only that, but the graduates of Westminster have increasingly become mostly female, making this a good choice for anyone unsure about STEM just because it’s “more of a guy’s thing”. The professors at Westminster are also great role models when it comes to setting rules and expectations for the student body, with a great variety of male and female experts willing to teach and create new experts in the field.

California Institute of Technology

Caltech is one of the more liberal and forward-thinking universities with STEM education available. This is because they have dedicated significant resources in making sure that male/female balance in the student body is evened out over the years. They have even set up a Center for Diversity on the campus where students are encouraged to learn new things and open their horizons.

Caltech has decided to make their student body completely 50/50 in male and female population in the next decade with targeted selections and more realistic goals and expectations from those who are willing to enroll. That is why this is a perfect opportunity to check Caltech out and see if their STEM courses are something you would consider attending.

Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Ranked as one of the most female friendly universities for STEM education in the US, NYU Poly is the perfect ground for honing your technical and research skills. This school offers a plethora of majors concerning STEM and they have a higher than average enrollment rate by women. This is due to the fact that more and more NY and US women have courage and desire to attend such a demanding and male-lead field.

While STEM is much more open to women these days, the field is still lead by male experts. That’s why NYU Poly is doing its best to ensure that female students have the same amount of care and attention in order to become experts in their fields.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

While small in comparison to previous universities, New Mexico Tech is one of the leading institutions for providing quality STEM education. Due to the fact that the campus is small, it has a bigger entry gap than most other universities, but the work and dedication you put into it will certainly pay off.

New Mexico Tech is partnered with many companies and businesses that use STEM educated experts in their work, making it fairly easy to land an internship or even a job placement once you graduate. Make use of professional help when applying for these internships and projects online. Visiting a website such as disertation writing service will provide any help you need in order to write application and other papers. Moving to New Mexico for your studies might not be the plan you had in mind when you thought about STEM, but make no mistake, because the university is more than worth the time and effort you put into it.

Colby College

As one of the more progressive and liberal colleges in the US, Colby is known to accept many female students into STEM education. This is due to the fact that it’s well known that there is a lack of STEM experts on the market who are not male. Colby is dedicated to making sure that the female student body is treated with the outmost respect, even organizing events and forums for this cause.

The Colby Forum for Women in Science is well known in academic circles for it’ awareness of hardworking women who study STEM majors and want to change the world in doing so. Not only does the forum discuss important social questions, it also provides students with much needed help in career development, resume writing, interview preparation and so forth.

Tuskegee University

As the most diverse and welcoming university in the history of the US, Tuskegee opens its doors many students interested in STEM education. The school is well known for accepting and promoting minorities, different genders, religions and interests. The Alabama College is proud of being different and the entire student body is mixed in a balanced and healthy way.

Not only will you get quality STEM education in a diverse environment, but you might also start your career there. Tuskegee is known for its partnerships with companies who offer regular internships to outstanding students. This means that you can easily find a career call even before your STEM education is over, making this a perfect choice for any woman looking for quality and diverse college environment.

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