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Top 7 Exciting Summer Jobs for College Students

College is getting more and more expensive. An average student knows that scholarships or loans are necessary. However, even financial aid is not enough in most cases. You’ll have to combine your studies with work, so you’ll make ends meet.

That shouldn’t make you feel bad. There is a bright side to getting a job as a college student. If you can’t find the time to work throughout the full-time studies, you can always get a job during the summer. This experience can take your future career in the right direction.

The Benefits of Having a Summer Job as a College Student

We’ll just briefly list few benefits of a summer job, so you’ll be convinced it’s the right thing to do before you start thinking what you should work.

  • You earn some money. That’s good not only because you’ll be able to support yourself to some level during one year at college, but also because you’ll become more responsible about the way you spend the money you make.
  • You gain confidence. If you get a job now, you’ll be confident that you’ll make it after graduation, no matter how tough the economy is.
  • You gain experience that will look great in your resume.
  • You meet people. The bigger your network of connections is, the better you’ll do after graduation.

Top 7 Exciting Summer Jobs for Students

How do you choose your perfect summer job? There are few criteria it should meet:

  • The job should align with your future career goals.
  • It should be well-paid.
  • It should be exciting.

Exciting. The last thing you want is a boring job… in summer! We’ll give you 7 suggestions for an exciting summer job that will be beneficial for your future career and will get you enough money.

1.      Tour Guide

Do you love history and geography? Then, this is the right summer job for you. You can be a guide for tours around your area, but you can also take local groups to different destinations. Contact various travel agencies to see how you could fit into their offers.

This job is great because it shows your leadership potential and great communication skills.

2.      Summer Camp Program Coordinator

You loved going to summer camp during elementary school? Why don’t you sign up to coordinate a program? You’ll assist the camp’s director and administration with planning and organizing activities for the campers. You know how fun camps can be, so you can count on amusement while making your money.

This experience will look great on your resume. Itshows your potential for leadership and teamwork.

3.      Golf Player Assistant

This is not for the weak ones. It requires tons of patience, but it’s also an exciting summer job for people who love golf. You’ll work in a team environment, so the experience will certainly look attractive in your resume.

4.      Freelance Writer

Are you one of the rare few who are great at academic writing? Platforms like Upwork and Essay Geeks offer great opportunities to people with such a skill.

This job is exciting because it encourages you to explore various topics and deepen your interests. It will also help you boost your writing skills, and those are important for any career path nowadays.

5.      Fitness Instructor

If you’re already working out on a daily basis and you feel like you can motivate others to do the same, this is the perfect summer job for you.

It’s easy to promote yourself as a fitness instructor. Observe what fitness gurus do on Instagram and follow their example. When people see how you look and what you can do with your body, they will want to attend your classes. You can contact a studio and offer your services as an instructor, or you can rent a studio and take your group there.

6.      Assistant Event Organizer

Are you focused on event management? If that’s the career path you’re after, you’ll gain great benefits from this summer job. It includes planning events in all details, hosting them and taking care of all administrative duties.

7.      Freelance Graphic Designer

If you want to become a graphic designer, you don’t have to wait for graduation to start building a career. Freelancing platforms will give you a starting point.

You’ll work on your communication skills, since you’ll be connecting with several clients. Needless to say, the practice will also turn you into a better graphic designer.


All 7 summer jobs suggested above are exciting. However, they also help you earn money, and they prepare you for the real world. The transition from being a full-time student to full-time worker won’t be that challenging when you already know what to expect.

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