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If someone had told me just a few years ago that I would be working primarily seasonal jobs, I would have laughed in their faces.  After all, I had a full time year round job complete with benefits.  Why would I want to give that up?  Too bad I was miserable at said full time job.  Things came to a head when I quit my job.  I really don't recommend leaving a job without having something else lined up.  It took some time, but,  I eventually got hired at the local amusement park.

The job itself was good.  I mostly worked as a dishwasher at one of the food outlets.  I liked my coworkers and they seemed to like me.  Unfortunately, my cars gas tank got more of my paycheck than I did.  It was still better than no job at all but I continued to look for something better.

One day, one of my coworkers told me about her son who worked in Hawaii as a server on a cruise ship.  That sounded interesting so I got as much information as I could and did some research after work.  It turned out that I had missed an informational session by less than a week.  That got me to wondering what else was out there. 

I'm not sure how, but I found the website.  One of the first postings that jumped out at me was for a job working in Alaska on a train.  That sounded intriguing enough to at least put in an application. I did so and thought no more of it.  Before I knew it, they set up a telephone interview with me which went well enough to do a second interview.  After that, they hired me as dishwasher on the Anchorage based train.

I fell in love with Alaska the moment the plane flew over the mountains.  I continued to fall in love with the state the more I saw of it.  The view from the train was amazing.  Of course, seeing Mt. Denali for the first time was breathtaking.  The work was not always easy but it was still fun.  Better yet, I made some really good friends.

My original plan was to work there one season and then go back and find something full time in Texas.  That one season turned into four more, this time on the Seward based train.  If I thought the views from the Anchorage train were great, the Seward train blew them out of the water.  It's a miracle I got any work done that first season, just from all the gawking I did at the scenery.  Seward itself, was great.  Forget Florida, when I reach retirement age, I'm settling down in Alaska.

These summer jobs were all well and good, but I still needed something for the rest of the year. I found some short term jobs but they weren't really what I was looking for.  So, back to coolworks I went, this time to find winter work.  Winter of 2015, I got hired as a cashier at one of the restaurants in Big Sky.  I recently finished season number three there after getting promoted to cashier supervisor.  Living and working at a ski resort was a new experience, but it was also a lot of fun.

This summer I am taking a different path.  Instead of working on the train, I will be working as a cook at a fish hatchery in middle of nowhere, Alaska.  It should be more laid back than the train or the ski resort, but I think it will be nice to spend some time closer to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy areas.  Who knows if I will stay on this path?  All I know is, I'm excited to find out where else life will lead.

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