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Voice-managed tools for highly efficient entrepreneuring

These days almost anyone has access to gadgets that make our lives easier. Some of us can't even imagine our lives without our smartphone, laptop or tablet. There are so many Android and iOS apps that have been designed to help us manage our time more effectively, access information more quickly, organize our schedule and much more.

But although most of these apps rely on writing, the need of voice-managed tools have prompted companies to come up with some useful apps both from iOS and Android. Imagine as an entrepreneur how much it will improve your daily tasks having apps which you activate by voice, it could be handy in research paper writing. Modern technologies have become more intuitive, and companies have started to create apps and devices that are activated and controlled by specific gestures, touch, and voice.

So besides Siri let's see what other apps you could use as an entrepreneur.

1. Google Now

Google Now is a smart personal assistant created by Google, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Just pick up your phone, say ''OK Google" and tell your assistant what you need. You can ask Google Now to turn on or off applications, set the alarm, create a calendar event, show you the schedule for the day, ask questions, ask it to show certain pictures and much more. You can also use it to find online paper writing service.

2. Dragon Go

Dragon Go is best at dictation, as it is enabled by speech recognition technology which allows you to draft texts, emails, and memos on the go. No need to include another person in the process or even to use your hands to type. The app has an extreme level of accuracy when transcribing and it can sync to Spotify, iTunes and Netflix for voice control. It is a great tool for paper writers too, who can write an essay or anything they need while they are driving or doing other tasks. So if you hear a co-worker saying 'could you write my paper for me?' simply tell him/her about this awesome tool.

3. vokul

If Dragon Go is the best when it comes to dictating, vokulis on the top of voice control apps. You can ask the app to read your social media feed, you can dictate emails and messages, DJ music, call contacts in your address book or post to Twitter and Facebook. Vokul is the first and only app that is 100% voice control. No need to press any buttons or tap your phone to activate it, like you need to do for Siri. Just say "hey vokul" and the app is ready.

4. Robin

Robin is another amazing personal assistant app, but this one comes with some special features such as finding cheap parking. It also conducts voice-controlled messaging, show directions and traffic information, weather and gas stations, set alarms and reminders and much more. You can also use Robin to get research paper help.

5. 24me

24me is an awesome app, with a user-friendly, uncluttered interface. It connects your tasks with your calendar, providing auto generated reminders so that you will not forget your tasks and events. You can also share content and notes with your friends, and you can sync it with other apps and social media accounts. You will rest assured that all your events, bills and tasks are in one place and that you will get automated reminders.

6. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is similar to Siri. The only difference is that this app is for your home or office. You activate Echo with a special password, and then you can ask about the stocks, the weather, the news, dictate shopping lists and plans for the day or week. It can also play music, answer questions, read social media feeds and much more.

7. Moto Hint

Moto Hint was developed by Motorola, and it is a small voice-activated earbud that you can use to control your phone. You do not have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. Simply tap the Moto Hint, and it will access your phone to voice dial a contact, take calls, send a WhatsApp message or text, ask for driving directions, translate a word or phrase into a foreign language, update your Facebook status, play music, ask random questions or check your upcoming calendar events.

8. Dragon Drive

Dragon Drive anticipates your needs while you are driving. It is not a simple automotive assistant, but one that learns your preferences for safe parking, helps you answer messages, leverages information from your calendar, enables the entire family to access the information they need and combines cloud-based services and embedded infotainment so that the driver can check traffic information without taking his/her hands from the wheel. Dragon Drive can also help you when you have to prepare an essay or a presentation. It really makes you think 'why pay someone to write my paper when I can use this app and write it myself?'

Being an entrepreneur means having a very busy schedule and being constantly on the go. These voice controlled apps are everything they need to be more efficient in what they do and to manage they time more efficiently. The aim of technology advancement is to make lives easier, by having all the information we need in one place. You just need a smartphone and these apps, and you have your personal assistant that will do everything you need only by using your voice.

About the author:

Samantha Anderson studies Education at college and spends her free time tutoring . She is keen in writing educational articles, blogs and papers. Samantha is a freelance writer at writing service WriteMyPaper.Today

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