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                     A tale of two words .
                    I say and visualize the word TRIBE . Sounds good , my visual is one of belonging , my sense is of a gathering , diversity , light and color .
                    I say and visualize the word GROUP . My visual is of a gray buiding , gray sky , and everyone wears gray suits . A harsh sounding word , somewhat stiff , dare I say stuckup .

                    I say and visualize The CW Group - are we selling real estate ? Where is the feeling ? CW Group , up on Wall St , cold ,devoid of emotion - Big Company looking for a bailout .

                I say and visualize The CW Tribe . That's Us . A gathering that flows and moves with the Seasons .

                    We R Tribal - because of who we are on this site .We're Seasonals , every year we seek and form a new tribe to live with and learn from . Then we move on taking our experiences and lessons away . Perhaps leaving for good , or returning with new stories to share .
                    I find life among the Tribes enriching and exhilarating . The CW Tribe has impressed me significantly with our strength and diversity . But we Seasonals have to be strong in order to leave the comfort of the known . Our diversity is the example of the term Diversity .
                    The CW Tribe , a base and comfort zone from the Road or Home .

Just thoughts ,I'm not cheerleading or selling T-shirts . Thankyou for reading .

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Comment by bonsi mcgraw on January 26, 2011 at 8:32am
Good blog - this site is better tham many . A new member I am to this Tribe
Comment by aggie71 on January 20, 2011 at 8:27pm
Remember the tribe as you go to your great place this summer .... seek out other tribe members and make it a point to meet up.   Chatting on computers can be so impersonal .... try some face to face contact.   I did in Yellowstone and met some great folks both younger and older than me :-)   I am looking forward to meeting more of the tribe this summer .... look for me and I'll look for YOU.
Comment by Terry Meyer on January 16, 2011 at 6:01pm

When I think of a tribe I immediately think of people, specifically people who share a common culture, values, customs, and interests. You are so right JP, I have never thought of a group in the same way. A group doesn’t even have to be human or even alive but could be anything bunched together in the same context at the same time. I discovered the My Cool Works website last summer and I immediately felt that I had found a tribe I wanted to join. Everyone on MCW seems to understand the value of stepping off the treadmill and out of the fast lane even if it’s just for the summer months or maybe sometime in their future.  A lot of the regulars on MCW have written about choosing the seasonal work lifestyle because they realized how little they were enjoying their paycheck-driven city lifestyle. The MCW tribe seems to value adventure, independence, and having great life experiences more than a big paycheck or they wouldn’t be on here looking for a minimum wage job. It’s also great that people on this website are so willing to share information and encouragement the each other in their quest to head out into the unknown for another season. In a few months I, hopefully, as I haven’t received an offer yet, will be spending my first summer as a seasonal worker in a national park and I can’t wait. After that, I will be a full-fledged member of the My Cool Works tribe. 


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