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Well, I am new to Cool Works and I live far from anywhere with mountains, cool plains, or anything that has cool views and fun people. I don't fit in very well here in Missouri, as a matter of fact I hate it here. But anyways, im looking to get out of here and have just about everything as far as jobs on my resume...I was wondering what is the most sucsessful way of sending in your app. or resume to the places of employment. Fax/website/email etc. since I wont be able to attend any job fairs...Any advice or thoughts would be great.


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Comment by Ann Carr on November 18, 2010 at 2:46pm
Time to get your pen out, the computer, look online for those places you might want to work - download applications if needed, fill out and wait until next month to send them in for summer 2011. Otherwise, look to Colorado for ski jobs. Just be patient though. You will get there. Good luck and welcome to the world of moving!
Comment by Richard Ochsner on November 14, 2010 at 3:33pm
I think that online applications are what most employers want. Good luck !
Comment by jackie morris on November 5, 2010 at 6:37pm
online:) if u want the easy way in till u figure things out i would try Xanterra they have lots of propertys and it is easy to get on with them , in the summer, there winter parks r harder because some of there employees stay with them year round. check out there website it lists all the parks and what opening they have. colorado has a lot of ski jobs open now. It can be a terrific life if u stay patient and dont let stuff get u down:)some of the concessionair for the parks r- aaramark, delaware north co, xanterra, and forever resorts.
Comment by Bill Walton on October 26, 2010 at 7:25pm
Hi Matt--I am just getting started into seasonal work myself and I am sure you will get replies from people much more knowledgeable than me. I have been reading a lot on Coolworks and on wites of a number of potential employers though. From my reading it seems that many if not most of the employers want their on-line application filled out and submitted. Some do not seem to want resumes or want them as an attachment to the on-line app. There are some that specifically tell you not to submit paper. Each employer has their preferred method, you just need to follow what they want. Good luck!!

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