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This past Saturday I finally got a chance to leave Yellowstone for a day and go see my favorite mountain range....the Grand Tetons. The way these mountains shoot straight to the sky above Jackson Hole is just stunning. I must have snapped 20-30 pictures during my brief tour....but I just couldn't help myself. Every time I looked at those mountains I noticed something new that I just had to capture with my camera. I took the scenic route through the park....the road that goes over Jackson Lake Dam, past the lovely Chapel of the Sacred Heart (I came back here later for a wonderful evening mass), and on past the base of the Tetons. The weather was gloriously clear and crisp, although warm by Wyoming standards (mid-80's). I enjoyed every second of this trip as I basked in the scenic beauty before me. I took a really neat side trip when I reached signal mountain. There is a narrow road that goes to the top of signal mountain...up to where the cell phone tower is. Talk about a jaw dropping view of the Tetons and Jackson Hole....OMG it was an incredible view and I didn't even have to hike hardly at all (walked about 200 ft!). I also decided this was a perfect spot to consume my PB&J sack lunch that the EDR had prepared for me (it was yummy). I continued my drive to the city of Jackson. Along the way I noticed what extensive bike paths have been constructed to separate all the cyclists from the automobiles. What a brilliant idea someone had, and what foresight the community and park leaders had to fund such a project. I must have seen dozens of families riding their bikes towards the Tetons....what a thrill. I finished my day with a really nice dinner at the Jackson Lake Lodge. There I enjoyed some wonderful Italian wine, and perfectly prepared Salmon and Halibut, while enchanted by those glorious mountains through the dining room's massive picture windows.

If you haven't figured it out yet.....I am really enjoying my summer :-)

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Comment by mike on August 15, 2009 at 10:14am
i know of many dozens of places like this in and around yelloowstone. have you heard of the gravelly range? it is northwest of west yellowstone, you can drive to 9000 feet and if you climb black butte, you can see 20 mountain ranges, 3 states, and a good chunk of southwest montana.

no but seriously, this area is full of places which don't seem real. it is why i go visit them.

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