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Why Visual Content is Important and How to Improve it

When we talk about visual content we talk about photos, videos, GIFs, and similar content. This type of content gained lots of traction, in the past few years, and there are two reasons why. First, the internet is riddled with platforms such as Youtube and Instagram which focus their attention solely on this type of content.

            Secondly, marketers constantly analyze the reach and results of different types of content. These analyses have led to the conclusion that photos, infographics, product images, and videos create more engagement than regular content.

            A good example of the impact of this type of content is the online publication LadBible. They are best known for their videos that go viral. Videos such as this one, where a kid reacts to VR goggles, generate more than 700 thousand views in roughly 6 hours.

Visual Content Rules

 1.    Double Check the Content You Share

            You don’t want to end up like these companies. That’s why you should look at the content you share, more than once. Make sure you are not posting something that will diminish your company’s reputation

2.    Keep the Regulations in Mind

            Whether you are posting videos, photos or infographics it’s important that they are checked by your legal department. You don’t want to be sued for infringing someone’s copyrights.

3.    Make It Appealing

            Your content needs to be attractive thus, its quality should be top-notch. When we talk about videos, try not to share videos with a quality below 720p. We’re not in the 90s anymore!

How to Improve the Impact of the Visual Content You Share

1.  Quality Over Quantity

            Like we said before, it’s very important to have high-quality content on your site, social media page, and virtually anywhere you share that content. A great content idea can go south easily if you don’t use the appropriate quality.

2.  Post Regularly

            For you to have an engaged audience, it’s important that you constantly offer them something to engage. If you post something new once a week, your audience might even get past by it. Other companies got their attention, already.

            According to Hubspot’s Study, for audiences above 10.000, there should be at least 2 posts a day. This frequency will increase company’s reach threefold.

3.  Share Relevant Information

            According to Allan Gray, Aussie Writings’ Lead Researcher “Your audience wants relevant information. For example, if you are having a car dealership, offer your audience tips and tricks on how to keep their cars up and running or how to make them more performant.”

            A very impactful way of delivering this information is by creating infographics. According to the Content Marketing Institute, infographics saw an 8% increase, from 50 to 58%, in terms of usage as a B2B content marketing tactic.

4.  Vlogging, Anybody?

After all, we are talking about visual content, aren’t we? According to Business.Com, 69 percent of audiences prefer videos over other types of content. That’s why you should focus on videos.

Vlogging is the next big thing in terms of content. Basically, you combine de relevant information offered by a blog and the outstanding performances of a video.

That car company we’ve been talking about should take a look at these vloggers and write down some notes. Create a small vlogging series, of 5 to 10 videos. Analyze the impact it will have, you won’t be disappointed.


            Visual content has a better impact and reach, this is why you should use it on a regular basis. Whether we talk about photos, infographics, videos or other rich media content, is important that you get it out there. This content will boost your reach! Use these rules and tips for your next social media calendar, you won’t regret it.

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