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Why Your Seasonal Job Experience Is A Key To Employment And How To Use It Properly

Writing a good resume is extremely important when applying for a job. Because it is your first contact with a potential employer, a professional, well-written resume is a must. Of course, many employers will want to see your previous working experience in your resume.

Seasonal job experience is one of the best ways to show an employer that you are serious about looking for work.

While talking about the importance of seasonal job experience for employment, we will also try to show you some of the most effective ways to use this experience in your resume.

Seasonal Job as a Road to Full-Time Employment

Seasonal jobs are often a big opportunity to try out a new company or industry and get an insight into how the place works.

This knowledge will later help you adjust to your working environment and it will make easier to adapt and meet the demands of your new workplace.

If you’ve just finished college and you need to fill your resume, seasonal jobs can be great for gathering experience. The same applies if you are planning to switch industries, but have no experience. A seasonal job is one of the most effective ways to beef up your resume.

Filling the Gaps

The gaps in your resume can seriously undermine your chances of getting a job. Employers will generally favor candidates with a consistent record of employment. Seasonal jobs are one of the most effective ways to stay active on the job market while filling the gaps in your resume.

Remember that huge gaps in your resume are likely to have a very negative impact on potential employers.

Seasonal jobs give the necessary experience to remain competitive on the job market and keep an eye on the right opportunities for you.

You Will Learn How the Industry Works

As we’ve previously mentioned, a seasonal job is your chance to get to learn how a particular business industry works. Once you know the rules, you have all you need to successfully apply to a full-time position in your business industry.

Employers will always put your experience on the top of their priority list when considering your resume.

This is where your seasonal job experience help you in your resume. Previous experience in your business industry will be a huge plus in your resume, as it tells employers that you already know the rules of the industry.

Listing Seasonal Positions in Your Resume

Here are some of the key things you need to consider when writing seasonal positions in your resume.

One of the most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to make sure that employers know that the job you listed is seasonal.

For example, if some of the positions in your resume lasted for a month or two, it might tell the employer that you were fired, and this is not the message you want to send.

So be sure to include the word ‘seasonal’ in the job description (or the title) to tell the employer that your position was temporary.

Talk about Your Skills

Some people might think that seasonal jobs are not something worth being proud of, or including it in their resume. In fact, this cannot be farther from truth.

Seasonal jobs require a specific set of skills and a great deal of flexibility, as well as responsibility and strong work ethic.

You can list all the skills you needed for your seasonal job, as well as all the positive aspects of your experience as a seasonal employee.

Remember that employers want to hear about your skills and positive traits. You should be very specific, talk about your skills and experience. Tell the employer why you think they should hire you, but avoid talking about yourself too much.

Also, try to highlight the positive things you learned from your seasonal position and new skills that you acquired.

Most importantly, your resume will have to persuade the employer that your skills are exactly what he needs.

Keep it Simple and Keep to the Point

A resume should not be a biography. Keep it simple and keep to the point. When writing about your seasonal positions, focus on the positives. Always keep it relevant to your employer. Be concise and use short sentences.

Tips and Tools to Write a Good Resume

Writing a good job resume doesn’t have to be complicated. Your resume should have a single page and your name on top of it.

You will also need to include your contact information and career overview where you need to describe your career objectives in one or two sentences.

Then include your education, previous job experience and skills. Be sure to use subheadings and bulleted lists.

You can hire some resume writing experts or just use some of the following free tools that can help you write a great resume that will show your seasonal job experience in a proper way:


  • TopCV is simple to use and you can write an effective resume in a matter of minutes.
  • LinkedIn. If you have a complete LinkedIn profile, you can export your information into a resume in PDF document.
  • lets you create, edit and share your resume for the job you want.
  • CV Maker is another simple to use tool to create professional looking resumes. You simply need to fill in the empty sections.




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