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I am currently looking for winter work somewhere in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana , California or the North West. It seems like most of the ski jobs I've applied for have pretty low wages and housing can be quite expensive. It is to my belief that the reason for this is because of the free skipass/lift ticket. Does anyone know of any places that offer decent wages and decent room and board throughout the winter? I'm an experienced cook and I am looking for work in the culinary field. Any advice would be great.

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Comment by Chris Topher on November 14, 2013 at 6:08pm

Check into One Steamboat Place in Steamboat Springs, CO. They are starting me off at 13 with an extra 2-4 dollars an hour from the tip pool. That's only as a housekeeper. I would imagin cooks would make a bit more. The housing is 360 a month with all included, internet, cable t.v., phone, pot's and pans and such. You due have to share a 2 bdrm apt with three other people though. The housing is not directly through the employer. There is also not a lack of work there so I may even pick up a second job as im not much of a skier

Comment by Keith Larson on October 29, 2013 at 10:02pm

That said...I don't recall ever seeing this I'm not sure, but it at first looks a bit promising:

Comment by Keith Larson on October 29, 2013 at 9:55pm

Shocking isn't it?  Especially after the summer seasons where you will be in demand.  A first season cook at most ski resorts usually don't get nearly the pay they are used to.  If you return, they usually do you a bit better.  And yeah, that ski pass waving in your face is the biggest reason.  There are so many that have made their cash during the summer that they will work for that pass alone, anything else is extra.  Housing, if a ski resort has it, or enough of it, tends to be pricey.  They are usually newer and much nicer than most employee housing in places where property values are very high.  They also have huge utility's interesting to see all the housing that has heat cranked high, but windows and even some doors wide open.  And the place's housing is still usually less expensive than locally available rates.

Options:  Suffer the first year dollars wise and still have fun.  Explore opportunities that are tipped-based.  There is a ranch season, but that started a month're only chance now is if someone quits or gets fired.  Florida's country club season is about to begin...they usually require a spotless background check and almost always require in-person interviews and most of the hiring will be complete, but there is a chance...if you want to deal with that atmosphere.

Comment by reggiecohen on October 29, 2013 at 9:27pm

 to answer your question about being an non skier i'm an non skier myself and i'm starting work at keystone  ski resort i know several people that got hired that doesn't ski including myself so your not alone there is some places that offer decent housing but its something that you have to research yourself 

Comment by ken horner on October 29, 2013 at 6:16pm

ya never seem to come out much ahead as a cook.  

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