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I am a newbe to Coolworks but what I've read so far it is a wealth of information from folks that don't hide anything and tell you like it is. My wife and I are part of the retired corps of seasonal workers, that is we will be when we summer roles around. I have had  a great career and have enjoyed most everything about it.  As I look back over my years of work experience some of my best of times were spent in my summer job during college. I worked for the US Forest Service in Wyoming and had a great time and learned a lot about responsivility and getting the job done. So I hope that all you verteran Coolworks folks will share some of your stories and experiences with us as we go thru the process of hiring on wiht Xantera in YNP this summer. Have any of you lived in your RV in the park and if so are the sites good-bad or what.  Look forward to talking with you.

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Comment by Keith Judkins on April 13, 2011 at 2:06pm
Thanks for the comments. What jobs did you have in the park?
Comment by jackie morris on April 13, 2011 at 2:02pm
I have lived in our rv the last 2 years in the canyon area of yellowstone.. some places better than most, but it is still such a awesome experience , in canyon we had fire pits and everyone would gather round and eat and swap stories of where they have been..

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