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I will be working at Yellowstone this summer. I don,t know quite what to expect. I will be living in a dorm but i'd like what the dorms are like. Are they clean. Can you cook in 'em? Is there a place to secure your stuff? does it rain alot? any info will help

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Comment by Judy Demick on March 18, 2010 at 4:53am
My sons worked in Yellowstone last summer and I will going with them this summer. Here are some things that you will need. Shower shoes (plastic flip flop kind of things), bedside lamp (small), flashlight, powerful bug spray, hiking shoes, no fancy clothes (things you can layer for all kinds of weather), laundry bag and soap, something to carry shampoo, toothpaste, etc. to the bathroom. If you live in a room that shares a bathroom with another room, you are responsible for cleaning that bathroom. The kids tell me that there are cleaning supplies in the laundry room for that purpose. In that case, you have control over the cleanliness. If you live in a dorm with group bathrooms, the staff will keep them clean. If you are bringing a computer, the Xanterra internet connection is not great. I will be at Old Faithful where the Verizon connection is fairly good, so I will be using a wireless card so that I can blog. Hope this helps.
Comment by ceal on March 14, 2010 at 3:09pm
can you tell me what kind of things i should bring? I am comming by bus. I start june4 and end aug 5.
I was at YNP for 3 days two years ago in late july. I fell in love with it.
thank you for your help
Comment by Carol on March 14, 2010 at 12:17pm
the dorms at Lake Lodge arent as good as Golden Eye, there is internet, somewhat sporatic as the season wears on. No cooking in the dorms, I did have a coffee pot however, and the inspectors didnt give me any grief. You'll get all your meals, you paid for them, at the EDR, hopefully you'll have someone who cares as much as I did about the quality. Your car is the best place to keep treasures, if you come by bus, leave all the treasures at home. I was in Golden Eye, and we had a closet each, a dresser, and I kept my laptop in the room, no problem. I had a car for most of my stuff.
Just have an open mind, make tons of friends, and love the season. It is over fast enough.

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