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Cannot wait to get back to Lake area at YNP. Have been so looking forward to it since I left!. Mid May cannot come a bit too soon : ) Will be my pleasure to work for/with Tammy and Marty again.

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Comment by Charlene Webb on January 26, 2011 at 9:42pm
I looked on FB but there are over 1,000 Tammy Martins on FB.  Is it possible to get an email or at least a friend request?
Comment by Connie Kramer on January 26, 2011 at 4:00pm
By the way Charlene this pic I ve posted is actually the lake front in front of the store just a few days after I arrived last year end of May : )  Will be there on the 16th this year...
Comment by Connie Kramer on January 26, 2011 at 3:58pm


Charlene I doubt that Tammy is here on coolworks but their last name is Martin. Yes good on the clothes since it is bound to be chilly for awhile. : ) We did have a tv in the dorm, I cannot speak for those in RVs but will try to find out for you. No cell phone service at Lake at all, the nearest point we could generally pick it up is out about 4 miles.Of course there are other points in the park but that is the closest and it is a pullover/view looking over Yellowstone Lake. Far as Verizon I had fine service there and I have a basic Verizon phone, nothing fancy. Don t think I ever lost a call where I was able to access service, except when traveling through the mountains to Cody. Yes we did have internet service (customers don t) and I had a very good experience with it. You should know the power goes out from time to time there, not sure how that affects the RV ers but it has affected the dorm and store. It is to be expected and not unusual but most times is short lived.

Split shifts, yes. If they do the same thing this year it goes as follows: it switches out week to week, one week is 7 am to noon and then return at 3 and work till 6 pm. The next week you would work noon to 3, break until 6 and then work till 9. Takes some getting used to but it does make it fair to everyone that way.

As for the food last year we were taken care of well! We always had a salad bar, a great meal and fruit and desert options. Our experience however last year was going to Fishing Bridge to eat at the EDR (Employee Dining Room) since the kitchen in the dorm was not opened for the season. I am told it is open for this year so I cannot speak for that or the cooks obviously.

Yes time does go quickly and it s good that you can ask someone who has been there..wish I had talked with someone prior to going though I must say Teri (HR) was very informative since she had worked at Lake for years. And I am anxious to get there myself so it cannot go by too fast. : ) Anything else I can answer let me know, hope this helps.

Comment by Charlene Webb on January 26, 2011 at 11:06am

Is it possible to get either Tammy or Marty's last name and or email address so I can find them on CoolWorks?

I appreciate your information.  It is good to have a heads up on the type of clothing to bring.  Were you able to get any TV, cell phone or internet at Lake?  I know it is a bit erratic .  I have Verizon and may look into a booster we read about.  Did you work split shifts?  How about the food on the meal plan?

I know it is only Jan. but time goes so quickly.....

Thanks, Charlene


Comment by Connie Kramer on January 20, 2011 at 10:17pm

Hey Charlene! First of all congrats to you and your husband on your new adventure. : ) Since you seem to be outdoor oriented seems like you have chosen the right place to be for the summer. Lake has a special quality I think and this is my second season. Though it is likely the coldest locale in the park I think what you gain from the views and the more quiet area are well worth it, it definitely was not a deal breaker for me since I am returning. I was there end of May last year through September. There was still snow and ice on the lake then, it was damp, windy, rainy and cold through most of June and July; I think it was mid to end of July before it got above the 50's temp wise. "Summer" was short lived, far as temperatures but everything Lake offers make it worthwhile. Best advice, as you have already heard I am sure, is to be well prepared with WARM clothes!! Lake store was a fun place to work and the building itself is a sight (they had just finished some re modeling last summer when I was there).

Tammy (store manager) is easy to work for; she and Marty (fountain manager/lead) live in their RV just outside the store and have been doing this for 4 years at Lake. We were like one happy family there and there is a great mix of people and ages; we had a fellow in his 70's and a woman in her 80's both who are not new to the experience, they have been doing it for years! We had cookouts and various activities that kept us 'bonded'. They even have a "Christmas" mid summer as we are obviously not there during that time. They made it something very special.

Charlene if you have any other questions I will answer them best as I can. i do look forward to meeting you and your husband. Congrats again on your decision.

Comment by Charlene Webb on January 20, 2011 at 10:58am
Hi, My husband and I have been hired to work at Lake General Store next summer.  We are starting in June.  My husband wants to start in May but  I thought for our first time we should start a bit slower.  We are very excited. We have been to Yellowstone in the summer and snowmobiling in the Winter.  We love to hike, camp and fish so it should be a wondeful experience.  Can you give me any advice or information about Lake?  How long have you been working there.  We will stay at the RV park.

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