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At 8:44am on April 7, 2012, Cathy Parks said…

Hi Margaret, are you going back to Yosemite this year?  I know that you were in Alaska last year.  I feel like I have no choice but to go back.  I have my insurance with DNC, and finally got the raise.  Just hate the crowds. Cathy

At 9:02pm on August 25, 2009, Wayne Damon said…
The only kind of jobs I am finding are otr trrucking and gigalo jobs. No bus driving positions at least not right now. I might have to stick with ECO for now. For has long has I can stand sleeping in my pickup truck.
I will let you know what I find.
At 6:34pm on August 22, 2009, Wayne Damon said…
Wuts up!
Layoffs seem to be a posibility at ECO.
Starting Aug 30 I only have 10 hrs for the work week.
You have to get more proficient in finding me a job.
Just kidding!!!!!!
At 2:34pm on July 30, 2009, Wayne Damon said…
Hey there
I joined Coolworks and thought I better add you as a friend.
At 1:35pm on March 29, 2009, Deb said…
Margret,thanks for writing. Your plans sound great!

I wasnt ready (economy, too cautious to make a move) so here I am still plodding but grateful (in a way) to have a job.

Get out there, see it all. God bless
At 6:51pm on December 7, 2008, Deb said…
Sorry, spelled it wrong...Hi Margret.
At 1:04am on November 13, 2008, CHRISTINA said…
Margaret - wonder how you are doing in Yosemite. I have been there but never worked in that park. Applied for a government job there, and after many months was contacted; then again, but have not been offered it yet. Enjoyed my summer in Yellowstone (my fourth) but hope to go somewhere new next summer.
At 7:49pm on August 25, 2008, Keith Larson said… is Yosemite?
At 8:38pm on July 20, 2008, Keith Larson said…
Hi Margret, Congrats on the new job. Yosemite is on my list to try some season. Please let everyone know how it goes. I'm originally from Wisconsin, but I'm going to winter in Arizona, so just your opposite. Well, I was there last year, but...close. The snow will be easier to get used to than the cold,and you can get some gear that will keep you toasty. You'll have a couple of months before you'll need to get any serious winter gear. I'm not sure how you're traveling but usually the less you have to carry the easier. I'm assuming UPS delivers to Yosemite, they go just about everywhere. I'd look for deals...Sierra Trading Post..usually has some pretty nice stuff at good rates, and buy them after you get there. Good luck!
At 11:36am on July 19, 2008, Margret Spears said…
I just got hired at Yosmite for year round. I am so excited but nervous as well. I start the middle of Aug. but a little worried about the winters and snow. I am from Georgia (no snow). Don't know what to buy , Help!
At 4:04pm on June 15, 2008, Margret Spears said…
How long did it take to get accepted at your first job?
At 3:55pm on June 15, 2008, Sue said…
Margret If I can help with information I will try and help you. How are you going to get around with out a car. I Know that Xanterra has gone to pickup people at the airport. So it must be something that is arranged before they get started on their trip. I don't know if I can get at Death Valley, my other choice is Everglades in Florida for the winter. But I have started a search for something other than Florida. AZ, CA someplace reasonably warm for the winter. I don't mind cooler weather, I just hate freezing cold weather. I'm from OK and we have had some cold winters. I was living in my RV when the temps got down to 9 degrees. I tell you that is cold. These RV are hard to keep warm. Motor coaches are some what better. So they say. Look at the web site for a cruise ship. has a American ship that sails around Hawaii that I was looking at today. Look for their jobs tab at the bottom of their page. Just a thought.
At 10:21am on June 12, 2008, Becky said…
Margaret, how are you doing? I decided to check the website to see if I had any new responses. I am interested in keeping in touch with anyone who is either now working at any of the national parks or is thinking of working. I am still employed on a full time basis so the earliest I would consider a job at one of the parks, would be July of 09. If you are currently working at one of the parks or have some interesting information to provide, pls. share.

Thank you and have a nice day.

At 8:36pm on May 21, 2008, Margret Spears said…
I am leaving Georgia the end of July to help my daughter move from SF to San Diego the first of August. Then spend a couple of weeks with her or until I find a placement. She is a student and has 2 more years of Graduate
school and she does'nt have a car so I am leaving mine with her. I would like to stay in California but if not than anywhere. I just hate leaving my son who lives with me, he's 20 and we have live together alone for 8 yrs. But I need to do this for myself. I don't want to dream it, I want to live it.
We never know what tomorrow might bring.
At 7:17am on May 21, 2008, Becky said…
Hi Margaret, you will need to let me know if you find something for Sept.--why Sept? Are you looking to work at a particular park? Pls. keep writing--I am enjoying this form of communication!

At 11:49am on May 19, 2008, Becky said…
Hi Margaret, so glad to see there are a whole lot of us out there--wanting to do something different and exciting as we exit the business world and enter a new phase--hope all is going well. Did you land a job yet? Pls. keep me advised.

At 10:45pm on May 18, 2008, Karen said…
Margaret, I lived in Douglasville since I was 12. It was not hard to make the decision to leave. My youngest daughter lives in Villa Rica.

We are working at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon this season, we are absolutely loving it! It is so beautiful here, and because we are at 8800 ft elevation, it is still fairly cool here. It actually snowed 7 inches on Monday, May 12th.

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