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At 10:51am on January 20, 2010, Joseph Herzig said…

Good ol' Trish. She had the most wicked sense of humor... Here is my e-mail address if you guys want to contact me: Pleas forward to Trish.

I've applied for Crater Lake for 2010 in hopes Jack Coombs will be Boat Manager again.
Last summer I worked at Glacier as a NPS Ranger but didn't really get along with the NPS types - nice housing though. I finally broke down and bought a trailer to live in at Crater lake to avoid the joys of dorm life. At least I'll be able to pick and choose which parties to attend and not have to live next door to one.

We went to New Zealand for a month in OCT-NOV to visit daughter Rebecca; she's will be coming here for 4+ weeks in June to get out of the NZ winter and to see us and a couple friends.


Capt. Joe
At 11:14pm on January 18, 2010, Mauria said…

Great to hear from year. ironic! trisha just left my house! she came up to visit me and we were reminiscing about the good ol' days at crater lake! we were wondering about where in the world good ol' captain joe was??? hehe. I would love to work at CL again....but xanterra was unbearable last time i worked there! Updates: Last summer I worked as a landscaper in Fairbanks, AK. and I graduate from Lewis & Clark in May. Yay! Talk to you later. I had to look up TTFN! I like it! Ciao!

mauria :)
At 9:57pm on January 18, 2010, Joseph Herzig said…

Captain Joe here. I worked last summer at Glacier NP in Montana as a Ranger, and will probably return to Crater Lake in 2010 as a boat captain. Jack Coombs will probably be back as well. Don't know about Richard, he worked last year. Darrah is working for the NPS at Grand Teton NP with her boyfriend Ben, also a NPS employee. TTFN

Joe Herzig
At 10:05pm on April 17, 2008, nick hill said…
i know the more im on here the more ohioans i find. i actually plan on moving out of ohio as soon as possible, as far as cornfields im really from southeast ohio so i def know all about that.
At 6:05pm on April 16, 2008, nick hill said…
ohio represent haha another ohioan!!!
At 12:47am on April 13, 2008, AlaskaBound! said…
Hey I see that you did a stint with a conservation corps. And would love to ask you some questions about that if you wouldn't mind. I have been thinking about doing one as well. Maybe some time this summer we could talk about that?
At 8:14pm on April 11, 2008, Kristen said…
Uh oh! CDL eh? Are you nervous? Does this mean you'll take me for joy rides on the bus? Because I'll totally serve you food. ha ha
At 8:47pm on April 10, 2008, Kristen said…
Yeeeeaaahh!!! Yay us! I know, I've been over there maybe like 5 years ago. I've never been able to get the place out of my head. Then I met someone at a boutique I work at that works for princess in skagway for 6 mos. After hearing all of her stories I pretty much decided I had to do it. What are you going to be doing at the KPL?
At 1:04pm on March 14, 2008, Joseph Herzig said…

Unfortuantely, we had to cancel the 3/12-16 Vegas trip because Sheila and I both came down with pretty bad colds. We'll try again in April. The Schnaze surgery is elective to correct a deviated septum; it'll normalize my breathing and occurs on the March 24th.

Certainly relay my best to Tess and Jake when you communicate with them. I can still visualize you three taking off on the hotwired golfcart! Is Tess still in Flagstaff? Pleas tell her that I'll be at Lake Powell this summer. What's Jake up to? No doubt you'll see him in Alaska, I assume? I think 2005 was the best summer I had at CLNP!

I assume you heard Capt. Gene died about a year ago from lung cancer? I kinda miss the old grouch. I think it was Gene who kept things together at Crater Lake and thats why it all fell apart last year.

Nothing from Darrah in Wyoming yet.

All for now.

Joe Herzig
At 7:49pm on March 10, 2008, Breaze said…
Yeah, I'll be in employee housing. I haven't lived in dorm type facilties in years so it should be interesting/fun!!! I don't have plane tickets yet either, Princess is gonna arrange all of the flight details cause they get good discounts. It looks like you have a lot more seasonal work experience than I and you've been to AK, so do you have any suggestions on what all I should bring with me? Good Luck with the finals!!!
At 3:46pm on March 9, 2008, Breaze said…
Nice! I'm gonna be working at the Kenai Princess lodge as well as a server in the restaurant. I can't wait to get up there! I fly out May 9th, maybe we'll be on the same flight? I love this website, it would be amazing to be able to make some friends/acquiantences before I even get there. Are you gonna be staying in the employee housing? Well I would love to chat some more and share some info on our new homes!!!
At 10:57am on March 8, 2008, Joseph Herzig said…

Yep, I'm going to run tour boats from Wahweap for the summer. We went there in the winter of 2006 so I am somewhat familiar with the area. Sheila and I are going to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon March 12-17 and might stop by there again. I anticipate bumping into some of the Crater Lake employees at South Rim. Crater Lake wanted me to work there again as boat manager, but I know a "shit filled twinkie" when I see one, so I politely declined. Last summer was a mess. The stories that I heard and the infighting and whining during the 7 weeks I was there kinda tainted the experience. Hopefully It'll be a better crew this year.

Lets get together for coffee sometime after I get back from Vegas/Grand Canyon and we'll swap Crater Lake stories. Maybe we can piece togerther the entire summer of 2007, before Capt. Joe and after Mauria.
I know a good spot near Lewis and Clark for coffee, so give me a call when I get back in town..
I go in for nose sugery on March 24th so don't be surprised if I look like I've been in a bar brawl.

Say Hi to Jake for me if you talk to him.

Joe Herzig
At 3:51pm on March 5, 2008, Breaze said…
Hey Mauria- I noticed that you were asking some questions about the Kenai Princess property and also that you live in Portland, are you heading up there this summer??
At 9:58am on March 1, 2008, Joseph Herzig said…
Hey you! capt. Joe Here. Are you still at Lewis and Clark?

Despite your experiences there, I plan to work at Lake Powell this summer and start 03 June. Wife Sheila and I are going to Vegas in a couple of weeks and might drive by there on our return trip from Grand Canyon.

Darrah is in Wyoming with her new squeeze Ben at Grand Teton NP and, as far as I know, will return to Crater Lake as a seasonal ranger. I worked the last half of 2007 there after you and Trish "pulled the plug"; I was the last Capotain Standing as all the other "whiner-Captains" gave up and quit. I felt sorry for Darrah with having to put up with that group. Jack was the only one I had anything to do with.

Darrah and Ben housat for us in December when we went to New Zealand to visit 22 yr old daughter Rebecca, who has lived/worked there now for 4 years. BTW, we bought a house in New Zealand last March; we made the down payment and Rebecca makes the "fortnightly" house payments. I went to Mauria hot-springs while in New Zealand.

Give me a call sometime if you want.

Joe Herzig

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