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At 2:36pm on April 14, 2009, Rob said…
I have family at Park Point, I love Duluth. What will you be doing at the ranch?
At 9:04am on April 14, 2009, Rob said…
I'm going to be a waiter at the lodge. Are you in Duluth now, or do you live somewhere else? Where are you working this summer?
At 11:51pm on April 13, 2009, Rob said…
Hey Caitlin, I see you're from Duluth. I'm going to be working at Lutsen this summer, have you been there?
At 11:38pm on April 13, 2009, Bill Cooper said…
should be friends
At 12:46pm on April 12, 2009, KC Perschbacher said…
Thank you and same too you.
At 1:38pm on April 11, 2009, KC Perschbacher said…
So where are you going to be working this summer? I am going to be working at a ranch just oustide of Jackson, Wy. This will be my first year in Wy, but I have been doing seasonal work for awhile. Good luck with every thing and all your travels.
At 10:08pm on April 9, 2009, Keith Larson said…
I'll give you a little hint that might sound a little strange. I know this summer's season is yet to begin, but for the winter ranches the hiring will soon begin. Early May is not much different than finding a summer job in Jan/Feb.

There are far fewer winter ranches than summer. And with the exception of Los Cab (more of a resort atmosphere), they are usually much smaller. Like the Kay El Bar is half the staff size as the Bitterroot. I'd take a look at the various websites, and maybe email those you'd like to see when they'll be hiring for next season and introduce yourself. They might be looking to hire just a handful of people, once they decide which staff will be returning. Once they actually start posting for applications, they'll sometimes get 10-20 a day for those few positions.

I'm a bit biased with the but if you google the Arizona Dude Ranch association you could find some others.
At 9:48pm on March 28, 2009, Keith Larson said…
I've been baking since I had to stand on a chair to work at a counter, cooking full meals soon after. My mother would delight in telling you some food stories even earlier, like as an infant and someone was cooking in the kitchen the only place I wouldn't be screaming is if I was in the kitchen too.

Cooking professionally, though, has always been something to do until I decide on what I really want to do...all 22 years of it.

Lately, I have been searching for employment that takes me out of the kitchen for at least some part...that brings in the ranch job.
At 11:01am on March 27, 2009, Keith Larson said…
I'm a cook, but I've seen a few people with a ton of horse experience that don't make very good wranglers. So you'll get some more experience with horses...I'm sure they'll let you ride on your time off. But you'll also pick up some more of the important experience. If it was just dealing with horses, a wrangler's job would be easy. But their main job is dealing with people that are dealing with horses. Sometimes that's a lot more frustrating. I spent a summer in the Tetons and I'd agree that Wyoming is fantastic.
At 6:28am on March 27, 2009, Michelle Vance said…
Thank you Caitlin, I really appreciate the compliment :)
At 11:23pm on March 26, 2009, Keith Larson said…
I have only heard good things about the Dubois area. I've worked with someone that used to work near there. I know a wrangler at los Cab that works somewhere there but I'm not sure which ranch. There's also this singer/entertainer Ray Calloway that's in Wickenburg during the winter, but heads up to Dubois for the summer.

Are you a wrangler, or will you be working in another area?
At 7:09pm on March 26, 2009, Rachelle said…
Oh that is so cool! I bet you are as excited as I am! I am nervous but excited! Good luck with the job!
At 6:42pm on March 26, 2009, Shannan said…
Well I am finished with school here in Casper on the 7th or so. But, I am substitute teaching here the 14th and 15th and maybe May 24th also... not sure yet though. Our employees don't really start till around the 25th of May (we have alot of return employees this year) YEAH YEAH so who knows I may be up there around the 18th or so just to hang out in town with some friends or get started on work at the ranch... however, I'm not sure yet. We will have to make an effort to get our ranches to have some bonfires and things this year... we have done it the past but for some reason we didn't last year.. lol anyways safe travels and hopefully i will meet you soon
At 4:11pm on March 25, 2009, Keith Larson said…
Hi Caitlin. The Sonoran Desert is a great place to spend the winter if you're looking to escape the cold and snow. I'm originally from Wisconsin. This is my second season here and I'll be returning for my third next year. There's a couple of ranches in Wickenburg, the Kay El Bar and the Flying E. There's also a ranch resort--Rancho de los Cabelleros--golf course, spa, along with horses. I think there's a couple nearer to Tucson and at least one near Patagonia.
At 10:08am on January 10, 2009, Shannan said…
Wow the Bitteroot is beautiful!! It is about 4 miles down the road from my ranch! It's about the most beautiful country you can be in. I have a good friend who has worked there for years and I am sure you will meet her she is in and out of there pretty regulalry. The ranch is right at the entrance to the Soshoni National Forest trail head we trailer up there every Thursday for rides and usually see you guys so I will probably meet you! The town of Dubois is sooooo cute.. I love it there. The people are really nice there are only two bars but they are really fun. They are really strict about underagers.. I am not sure how old you are just so you know. You'll love it there hopefully I will meet you while your there! Good Luck.. you'll love it!

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