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Sid & I will be staying in the RV park at Glacier Lodge this summer. We just can't find any info about it. Does anyone know anything about it? How far from the lodge is it? Is it fairly private? Is it concrete or what? Just very curious and excited, and also do not know if we will need to bring both our trucks. Thanks.

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Sorry but this reply will not help you with any of your specific questions you asked. Just wanted to say I went up there for employment last year and could not find any info. on their housing before I actually went up there. Even called up and talked to the hiring manager (that might be an idea), can't remember name but he could not give me any specifics on the dorm besides its your basic dorm room. Must be a Glacier thing the non info bit they go though. So, I hope you get your questions answered to your satisfaction before you head out this summer or spring. Well enjoy your time in Glacier its an absolutely beautiful park.
Glacier Lodge (East Glacier) RV sites are almost a mile to the lodge one way - good way to loose weight this summer. However, if you have a bike, use that.. It is a pretty ride on mostly sidewalk along the golf course to the lodge. Parking at the lodge is always short for employees.

The sites are among tall pines and in the spring and early summer, the ground will be covered with yellow glacier lillies.. Just gorgeous. The sites are fairly close together, but there are some very nice ones there too... When I left, they were making more in the trees. Don't expect you to find a stand alone shower though unless they've built one in the past two years. The laundry you would use is next door to Blackfoot dorm.

Those that lived in the RV sites always seemed to have more fun than those that lived in the dorm. I was so jealous.. lol.

Anyway, good luck... what will you be doing?
Oh, those sites sound nice. Thanks for the feedback. I think we will take one truck then, since I can just bike to work. I will be working in the Lodge as the Location Accountant. Didn't you do that job, too, Ann? So, how was it? Thanks, Karen
And thanks, Drew, you are right...not having much luck with info. But Sid has to start on May 14 (Sanitation Driver) so I am thinking we may be one of the first there..??? May get a shot at a prime site...(might be dreaming, huh?)
You won't have a problem at all... You will be working in the basement with Ron who is the CFO and Rick who does the income auditing. Beth if she is still the person you will work with is a great person to work for. Just be sure to tell Ron that you've run across TexasAnnie... he will laugh.

I worked about 9 hours a day for five days and then usually worked for a half day on Saturdays, but I also did the payroll hour collection for Swiftwater and one other place besides the Lodge. I was very happy there and enjoyed my time. Ghost Lake (on the Reservation) is a favorite of mine for Fly Fishing and the seasonal cost is reasonable if you like fishing. Be sure to take toys with you ie, kayak or canoe because the lakes that are there are so beautiful and it will give you a chance to just be.

Don't forget your binoculars, a very good flashlight and some good books! The closest town with a grocery store is about 12 miles east of you, so be prepared! Power outages occur regularly so don't forget the battery operated lantern. If you have a satellite, bring that otherwise, you will only pick up one channel and it may be very fuzzy. It will be cool or even cold in the mornings, so don't forget your jacket like I did. The good thing is, you are only 80 miles from Kalispell and the thrift stores there will have some good options for clothing should you forget something.

Cell phones sometimes don't work there, the only place I found that I could use mine was in the front garden of the lodge sitting on the edge of the pavement. But it is fun being there and I will go back someday. Give my regards to Rich, Rick and Ron and Gloria should she be there as the Hotel Manager. Think of any questions, just write.. I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Have fun! Happy trails...
I will be sure to tell Ron that I ran into TexasAnnie. I am quite positive there must be a story to that nickname!!! The lady that hired me was Beth, probably the same woman. She said they have a new system for payroll this year that we will all have to learn. But the only payroll I will have to do is for Glacier Lodge. So far. Oh this is all so exciting and being our first year, a little scary.
I appreciate the tip on power outages, never even thought of that!! Never tried fly fishing but Sid is very excited about seeing Ghost Lake. We have been looking at trail maps and he can barely sit still with excitement. We will be bringing the canoe and enjoy some of the little rivers and lakes.
We plan on bringing the bikes to dispose of Christmas candy that has made itself very comfortable on my...body.
Thanks for all your feedback, Ann...I sure appreciate all the tidbits of really neat stuff that will help me prepare. (I should go pack my jacket now....)
Thanks Again!! Karen
I spent 5 summers at Glacier Park lodge. The extra camping spots that Ann talked about were not started as of early summer 2007! Most of the choice sites are filled by returning workers. Check on the site next to Blackfoot dorm, I had this site last summer and will not be returning this year. It is a big site and I was able to shower in the dorm. It is only a block from work. There is a spot for campfires there and Ann and I and several from Blackfoot spent many evenings there. If you like to day hike you are in the best spot in the world. Just up the road is Two Med camp ground, an outstanding place. lots of day hikes start there. Some of the trails head for other parts of the park if you want longer hikes (2-3 days)

5 Summers!!! Must be a good place to work. I wonder how private the RV sites are...I mean, are we right next to one another? Are there fire pits at all of them? Sid has to be there May 14 and we are thinking that is about as early as it you agree? We are sooooooooo looking forward to the day hikes and can't wait to start!! Where are you working this year?
Thanks so much, Chuck for your reply and making our enthusiasm build even more!!!!
Most of the sites in the campground do not have fire pits. As I remember (I did not live there after the 1st year) there are 3 or 4 the everyone uses. Some of the sites are very small and right next to the next site. Other are larger and away from other sites. We use to arrive at the end of April. I worked security and had to be one of the first at the location. I think they are opening later now due to the work on "Going to the Sun".

Say hi to everyone from Security Chuck.


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