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I got a job at a dude ranch down there and was wondering if anyone knew of some fun outdoors things or lived down there.

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Which one? I'll be at the Kay El Bar again.

Climb Vulture's Peak at least once. Once you get used to some landmarks, you can head out onto the many BLM trails...if you get lost go to the nearest highest hill and you will be able to find a few and you will know where you're located.

Just be careful of the teddy-bear cholla.
Rancho de los Caballeros..... TEDDY-BEAR CHOLLA? what is that!
I think this is the link to a cholla pic: Teddy-Bear Cholla

They look soft and comfy from a distance. But they attach to you easily and kind of 'fish-hook' need a pliers to pull them out.

Rancho de los Cabelleros is a nice place. It's on the other side of the city where I am. A bit resort-y for a dude ranch. Do you like golf?..they have a very nice course and you probably get a nice deal on it too. You are closer to Vulture's Peak over there too.

Vulture's Peak from about 8 miles away. It's one of the landmarks you can see from all over.
WOW! thanks! they're every where! I've never swung a golf club, but I wanna try.

I did apply at your ranch but they said everyone came back from last year....

i really wanted to be a wrangler, but this ranch did have any position avil for that it's fine dinning for me. but thats okay, i'll ride on my days off.
Hi Cammie, I also work in Wickenburg, will be there Oct 1. I work at the Flying E Ranch, just a couple of minutes from Los Cab. As Kieth said, Vulture Peak for sure, box canyon is a pretty cool place too. Also if you have a car, there are some great places to visit within a couple of hours. Have you ever been to Wickenburg? It's a small town but can be a lot of fun. I met some people from Los Cab last year, and they all seemed to like working there. Good luck, see you around town. Jeff
thanks! yeah i'm driving down from oregon and no, i havent been there, never been to AZ so this will be an experience. I'm excited!
I rode for The Flying E back when Vi was still alive.
Wait for a rainy Winter Day and if no one wants to go out go by yourself, especially if some of the Stream Beds start to fill.
Nuttin like The Flying E smell right after a rain.
I got a job there this year, this is my first seasonal job and i'm doing fine dinning serving....I wanted wrangler but they said everyone came back from last year, oh well, I'll still ride! any advice for Los Cab?


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