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I have just found this site. I have only noticed old/bold people in their 40s and 50s. I am in my 60s and my sister is in her 70s. We are interested in doing this type of work, but am wondering if employers have an age limit.

Also, I am wondering about the average pay I can expect. I have to continue working due to losses in this current economy.

Any info you can give a beginner would be appreciated!!

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Thanks. I didn't think the pay was going to be great, but I know the experience will be. Just wanted an idea of what I could expect. Thanks again.
Hi Jackie, I am fairly new to seasonal work as well and "older & bolder". Last summer '08 a friend in her 70's and myself in my 50's landed a job at a guest ranch in the Tetons. Life happened and I was unable to go. My 70 something friend drove out to Wy. from Fl. by herself for her first seasonal job. She took a position in housekeeping (she is a retired R.N.) She loved it so much that she is going back for '09 summer season and I hope to join her this time. The management was so impressed with her that they offered her a supervisory position. So although I can not comment on all employers regarding age limits I can tell you that Lost Creek Ranch in Moose values all their employees young and older. Click on ranch jobs at the top of Coolworks home page they are listed and have an on line ap. You can also go to and view pics from the ranch (employees and guests) that Ron took last summer. Hope this helps.
Good for your friend Rita and I hope you get a chance to go too. I worked a summer in the Tetons and its amazing - a lot of moose at Moose. I live in Florida too in the winter and am happy to escape the heat. Keep us posted. Tina
Thanks Rita, looks like that would be a good place for us to start.
Even though I missed the '08 summer at Lost Creek Ranch I was in frequent contact with management and employees for four months they kept me in the loop about all the doings at the ranch, sort of bitter sweet for me since I had to miss it all. If you and your sister think you might be interested in this property, feel free to ask questions employee housing, meals, salary, employee perks?????? and I'll try to help you......Rita
Don't worry about your age.. if you are healthy and can pull a full 8 hour shift, go for it.... the waitress/waiter jobs will pay the most followed by people who do the rafting and driving for the company. Consider getting a Class B driver's license with a passenger endorsement and go for a driver's job.. You will be out and they are also paid gratuities from the tour groups when they take them for tours, etc.

As to the other jobs - expect wages from $8.00 and above. You can expect to be housed in one of the dorms for older people and don't be afraid to ask for it if it is not given to you. Bring things that make you happy and don't forget your camera. But whatever you do, enjoy your time - it goes so fast and before you know it, you have 12 new friends and memories that will keep you warm when the snow is falling outside.

Happy tails!
Ann, thanks for the good tips!!
Ann, thanks for adding so much to this site. Some of us live vicariously thru those of you who are doing it!!! How goes the job search for 2009?
I noticed you work for GTLC in accounting I think. What was that like? Is the pay decent? How are the older workers treated and did you share a room with anyone?
I am in my mid 70's and am still working 40+ hours a week. I "retired" from advertising 10 years ago and have had several jobs since then. I founded in 2003 as an information service for older Americans. The site also contains a free job board connecting older workers with employers interested in hiring them.

I could provide you with a list of the kinds of jobs most often offered to older Americans. The pay very much depends on the job. At the lower end are jobs like Wal-Mart greeters. A bit higher are cashiers and retail sales clerks and then call center in-bound and out-bound reps. Inside sales jobs, if you have the skills, pay pretty well too. Pay pretty much depends on your experience and ability and the geographic location where you are looking.

Next year the Census Bureau will be hiring a great many older Americans to take the Census. All you need is a car/driver's license and be able to pass a test showing you can read and write. Go to or call 1-866-861-2010.

Hope this helps!!

Thanks Art!! Good info. I will pass on to my sister also!! Jackie
Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
Hope you had a great Christmas.



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