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I have just found this site. I have only noticed old/bold people in their 40s and 50s. I am in my 60s and my sister is in her 70s. We are interested in doing this type of work, but am wondering if employers have an age limit.

Also, I am wondering about the average pay I can expect. I have to continue working due to losses in this current economy.

Any info you can give a beginner would be appreciated!!

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Hi Jackie. Of course your ages are not a factor. If you're healthy, can tolerate the altitude (depending on where you are), and don't mind rolling out of bed in the morning. You'll have your pick of jobs. Employers like us oldies because we tend to be more reliable.

If you're looking for year-round employment, I'd suggest looking into working in Yosemite for DNC. The beauty of your situation is that you won't have to face the hassle of finding a compatible roommate, which can ruin your entire experience as it did for me last summer (snoring, inconsiderate, noisy location).

Pay is going to be awful (minimum wage to $8 range), but your housing is very cheap--so there's a savings there. In fact, you could barely afford to house yourself AND eat if they didn't offer the cheap housing and cooking facilities. Two can eat as cheaply as one, so you'll have fun doing that. There's nothing more enjoyable than cooking up a nice meal and then sitting outside and eating under the stars. Yosemite housing has some nice areas for employees to hang out. Let me know if you need any advice on specific jobs within Yosemite. Good luck. Jim
Thanks for your reply, Jim. Why did I assume that the meals would be provided....that is.....cooked for me!! I am in CA so I appreciated hearing about Yosemite. The pay shocked me tho. But at this point in my life....I could tolerate it to enjoy the the beauty of my surroundings. Thanks again. Jackie
Jackie, Some places, like Old Faithful with DNC in Yellowstone do cook your meals--but don't serve them to you! lol They have no cooking facilities in the dorm so you're stuck with the basic, stick-to-your-ribs-food and stuck eating with the people you work and live with. I didn't like it at all, but this may suit you. If you have an RV you can live in that, which would be nice, but you have to roll out of there at the end of the season when the snows come and the everything shuts down.

Since you live in California, I'd try a season at Yosemite with DNC and then stay on if you like it, which you should. They have year 'round employee housing (not shared with NPS) and you'll have a decent kitchen so you can eat what and when you like. It's also a little less isolated that some other National Park jobs. Amtrak/Yarts has buses several times a day into Mariposa and Merced so you can get supplies or see the doc pretty easily.

Yes, the pay is dismal, but some can actually save a little. Of course it all comes down to being in nature and away from helicopters, traffic and barking dogs! I can't wait for June :o
Jackie - a good deal of seasonal jobs do provide meals (at a cost - you pay room and board). Year-round would be a little different. The food is usually very good but the rooms are very limited (because they are all owned by the National Park Service which after all is all about nature, and not all the amenities we are used to in our modern day life). And most you do share with someone else unless you can work your way to management. If its you and your sister you have your roommate situation already worked out, unless you choose to have different roommates. Living and working in the parks or other similar areas is about the adventure, and the people you meet and the scenery you see, not the pay. Its not for someone who HAS to have a good paycheck every week. I recommend Yellowstone, specifically Lake Hotel, Jackson Lake Lodge in the Tetons, and Glacier Park Lodge, in Glacier (its in East Glacier). They accommodate older people well. Xanterra, no matter where you go that they manage, is very in tune with older people's needs. All places love the reliability of older/bolder folks. But you have to work a 40 hour week and the work is sometimes not easy. Its well worth it though. Some of the most amazing experiences you will ever encounter. Good luck. Tina
Great information, Tina, ie, what to expect, who values the older worker etc. Also, the reassurance that my age can be a selling point, instead of a detraction, is encouraging. We older-bolder folks do have tons of life experience to bring in addition to the reliability. :)
I needed the information you posted to Jackie on 1/31/09. I am going to work at Mt Rushmore for Xanterra. I have already signed contract for security. I am glad to know they are in tune with older people's needs. Carol
Christina, I had heard that room and board is provided for in some places. If not I don't know how you could make enough to pay for room and board and have anything left over to make it home on. I don't need a good paycheck, but I need enough to get home on.
Search for work on integer summer as seller,teller or waiter.
Dias, Is "integer" a web site? Jim
hi , just entered site recently and 52 yrs young, but have the same questions as jackie. lot of good advice here.. if and when we are able to get our first job, how do you go about secureing a job before the first one is over, about the only concern of mine.. i know you all have great advice.. and thanks
You get the next job like you did the first. There is about a 4-5 month lead into the job market. For example most of the summer jobs start looking in Jan/Feb for starts in May/June. Some earlier, some later. Then around July/August the winter season begins looking for Nov/Dec. starts. There are some odd-balls...Sept/Oct starts looking in May, for example

If you go to one of the larger companies, there will be job fairs for the next season, too.

Many of the places you go to will have internet access available. Not you have to be somewhat resourceful. I usually have the next job lined up at the half-way point of the current season. The longest I've had between jobs so far is 2.5 weeks, the shortest is 5 days.
thanks keith, the more info the better. i was thinking on starting the app's within the next month. i would really like to start out in west, yellowstone seems a good starting point, from most people's commits . sounds like the thing for me.... thanks again to all


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