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Hey guys!! I've applied at about a dozen places as a bartender. I have pretty good resume haven't heard back from most. Its been about a month. Is anyone getting bartending gigs? What month do most employers actively hire for the summer season??

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Most employers do their hiring in January and February. Give the HR depts a call to check on your applications. It gives them a reason to pull out your app and give it a closer look.
i have applied to many places too. i have called the HR and they told me they are waiting to see who returns first, before they hire new people. with the economy, i would not count on a seasonal park job. this past summer the park service waived entrance fees on some weekends, just to get people to go the parks. that tells me attendance is down.
Thank you for starting this discusssion and for posting this. I have applications in with five different seasonal employers and one thing I can say is that things HAVE CHANGED from a few years ago. It used to be that you could pick where you wanted to work to some degree and apply and pretty much get in - not everywhere mind you but many places. Not any more it seems like. I don't want to be negative but I do thank Dale above for posting that he would not count on a seasonal park job this year - I will keep applying and try my best but definitely I am not counting on it this year. One thing I would like to add is that I called one of the places I applied at, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and they want to do webcam interviews this year I was told. I don't have a problem with this at all - it just sure is a change from how much easier these seasonal park jobs used to be to get. I can even see where doing a webcam interview could be beneficial to both parties - but it sure is a sea change. 43Rob
Actually, attendance in the parks, especially in the western lower 48, were higher last year. A lot of factors are at play. There are some positions, like drivers and campground attendants that have many applicants and relatively few jobs. There are bartenders and servers...(hmm, those that bank more money) that have many openings...but still have a very high competition for those openings and also have the higher return rates. If you can cook, there will most likely still be openings in May. If you are into the entry level's probably somewhere in between.
Attendance in Yellowstone was up over last year. The HR department for Xanterra is receiving more applications then in previous years. Tips to getting a job include being flexible with your dates of employment and position offered. Several jobs are available in housekeeping and kitchen crew. If you arrive at the beginning of the season you have a greater chance of moving positions as people leave or are fired. Most places will have several applicants for June, July and August. Most of us struggle with the early season or late season, shoulder season. If you can work those shoulder seasons your odds of getting hired go up. If you are applying for a job other then entry level you may want to include a resume that details your experience and qualification towards the job you applied for. Remember the person looking at your application is probably looking at several hundred.
Well at least I know I'm not alone. I have applied to almost every place that is on coolworks, but have yet to hear back from anybody. Its never been this hard for me to get a Job.
I can honestly say that you are not alone! I have never seen things quite like this, not even in the recession of 2001 - 2003, seasonal work was still available for most of those who wanted it, it seems to me back then. Right now I am just living day to day and selling things on ebay and petsitting and making a go of that, but I would really rather be on the road and on the way to somewhere new IYKWIM? I wish everyone out there good luck with their applications! 40Rob
I hope that is not all true.. I applied last November and December and had interview #1 and I am waiting for #2..I just talked to someone at the princess tours rails and he said that they have not started the 2nd process yet..I applied for a server/cocktail server on the rails first choice..I am continuing to thinks positive thoughts..I would love the chance to get out of Florida for awhile..I am not taking a car and I am going to have princess pay for the ticket..and I am prepared that I will not have a check really for at least a month or so pay back the money..I am not sure if it is one way or not..though..but at least I will be a tipped employee..and I am concerned about the housing there..I will probably be based in anchorage on my days off..Please Respond.
u will be living in healy u have 2 to an room your own bathroom and cable tv only thing is u have to catch the shuttle to the lodge which is only ten mins but everything is within walking distance u have an post office couple of resturants gas station thats about it
Looks like most ppl that have heard back are either going to yellowstone, tentons, or alaska. has anyone else heard back that isnt going to either one of these places?
I just got a call today from Mesa Verde. It looks like I have a Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping for a server job but they don't hire new people for servers, you have to start out as a busser first. The dinning room manager is supposed to call next week.
Kyle dont do it mesa verde is one of the worst places I ever worked for. One your not living in the park you have to shuttle about an hour up and you live in a garden shed that i would not let my dogs live in. Next there is no meal program and you have to share one stove and two fridges with about 80 ppl. trust me stay as far away from mesa verde as possible. Last there is no hiking in the park it is more for scientific study.


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