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Hey there! My boyfriend and I are working summer 2012 at Denali Gift! Just trying to meet some people we will be sharing our time with this summer

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Is it Denali Gift Co? With the housing in Healy cabins? That's where I'll be!

yes!!!! My boyfriend and I are going to be there the entire season. We're coming from Maryland after we graduate college.

I'll be there May 6 to Sept 4, flying in from Michigan. I've never been to Alaska, it's gonna be a great summer!

Awesome! we will be there the night of May 19th. My best friend is from Michigan, he says it's beautiful there. We have never been to Alaska but have always wanted to go too. This is the first seasonal job for both of us and we are going to be doing this as like a full-time travel seasonal job thing haha. I bet we are all going to have a great time

I was asked a few questions over the phone and was offered the job at the end of the interview. Hopefully you get it! Let us know!

hey! My boyfriend and I sent in the application online on Saturday, got a reply on Monday...called Monday, had a brief phone interview, then like 2 days later got emails with contracts and packing lists. It's a pretty fast process. The main things he said he was looking for is people who can work the whole season. He also mentioned wait listing because there are only 30 slots open and that was over a month ago....if you don't hear back by the end of the week you should call them :). Also, since it's pretty possible they're filling the last few spots now you should send a 'thank you letter' attachment in an email to him. Seriously, it will make the difference between being hired or not.

nice dude!!!! we will have super fun. Seriously though, no matter what job or volunteer opportunity you apply for/have an interview with thank you letters will land you the deal 99% of the time. Life lesson learned :D

Can't wait for Alaska.

I was actually born in Minnesota :) woot woot

Yep! All I own is camping supplies so I have no option haha time to live outside

Guys, I'm so freakin excited! I cannot wait to meet you both! Just bought an Alaska guidebook and have been highlighting all the things I wanna do/see.

Lonely Planet Alaska. Too bad you can't see the aurora borealis in summer, thats the only thing that bummed me out haha

I worked there last summer and I'll be headed back up on April 29th, so feel free to ask any questions you have!

awesome! I'm definitely excited for camping and the outdoors. So I'm wondering if the shuttle to and from anchorage gives discounts to us as employees? Are we all actually going to get decent hours/week and is it cool if people switch shifts sometimes? have you found any good swimming holes on the trails? 


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