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I am looking for recommendations from Older and Bolder types as to their favorite locations, jobs or places here with favorable housing arrangements for the older crowd. Any experienced Coolworks veterans have some input for me? Thanks!  I am looking at opportunities for this summer. 

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I have to say Signal Mountain Lodge in the Grand Tetons is the top of my list. I went there last year under the premise that if I like this sort of thing I would visit lots of parks etc. I liked my experience and more so the people I worked for and with that it was my only choice for this year and I am returning. 

You need to get busy looking and applying. Most people going to Alaska are starting to travel in the next week or so and the lower 48 begins in May for most. The longer you can stay (arrival early depart late or close) the better.

Good luck.

Don, I am curious as to what type of positons you had at Signal Mountan Lodge.  Whenever I reviewed their webpages, it always seemed their staff was very young, so I assumed it might not be a good fit for me as an "older and bolder" worker!  What do you say about your experience, and where did you live while working there?


I manage(d) the gift stores--we have two and the gift store employees work both (different days/shift). Half of us that work in the stores would fall under older and bolder and the rest are not as "seasoned" yet.  It all depends on your skill set--we've had/have people f the older bolder persuasion working as camp ground host, in the restaurants, the marina, dorm management etc. The upper management people there fall mostly in between older bolder and youngsters but they are really very very good and very friendly. Signal treats the employees excellently with a Christmas in July dinner and party that is really over the top and lots of other activities as well. Signal has dorms and one is designated at the "quiet" dorm which I stayed in with most of the other older bolder types. There are a few bigger cabin type that longer term management employees have and some employees live in their 5th wheels. 

Thank you for your reply, Don.  If I don't make it in this year, I will try again for next year, only earlier!


Two come to mind: Conklin Resort and Jackson Hole. In Utah there is a place or two in Kanab that is kinda nice. (Conklin is on the south end of Lake Couer de'Alene)

I'm going to second Don on a couple of points. First, it's getting late...if you're looking for this summer you have to hurry. Second...Signal Mountain. One of the favorites across the board...whether they're young, consider themselves Older, or really's not all that uncommon to find people in their 70s and even many in their 80s.

I have met several that also really enjoyed Mount Rushmore, and in Denali both Princess and Aramark properties.

Well I have spent the last three years with Ciri Alaska tourism (Kenai Fjord Tours) the age group is varied, yet it is a small crew in contrast to National parks.  So you have to apply early, however sometimes people back out, and Ciri runs the Talkeetna Lodge and Seward Windsong Lodge, which tend to have somewhat of an older mix as well.  I worked for Aramark in Denali in 04, and there were a lot of the older crowd there. I have worked in other parks as well, yet I love Alaska and the Whales, so I cannot stay away. So you never know, as mentioned sometimes there are no shows.... in places... 

This will be my 3rd summer at McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge and my husbands first. We love it here and will, God willing, be staying until we can no longer work. We are both in the Transportation Dept. He will be driving a motorcoach and I'm a Guest Service Host. He is currently in training and already enjoys it. I love selling tours. And the fact that we live Alaska doesn't hurt.
We are going to be looking for someplace to work in the winters until we decide to spend a winter here, but will always come here in the summers!
Would love to hear any winter recommendations y'all might have. We have an rv, so would need to be camping friendly.
Thanks, Patty

Thanks to all of you for the great input. I have concerns about trying to get to one of these places with very little resources and managing to live on what I'd make in these jobs. (Besides not having to live with a bunch of partying youngsters in some dorm :-)

And if not this summer, maybe I can get a jump start on next summer.

Just one other question. Anyone have cats or dogs they bring with them? That's my other relocation issue.

Jack P.

Only if you have a camper, motor home etc. 

Hi Jack- Anywhere in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming is a great place for the Older & bolder crowd. I am in the middle of my second summer season working for the Grand Teton Lodge Company and I love Working for them in the Tetons. Signal Mountain Lodge is another good place to work in the Tetons.

my  partner and i are looking for a guest ranch in montana or wyoming to work the summer of 2013--we need housing and we would drive out--we are from florida and worked in yellowstone in 2011--maybe somewhere around jackson hole --any input would be appreciated--we are the older and bolder


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