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Hi, my name is Christopher and I will be the Front Desk Supervisor at McKinley this summer.

Just wondering who all is going to be on my team this season.

Go ahead and leave a post, ask any questions that you have and I will get an answer for you!!

Hope to hear from ya'll!

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Well not me~I just got turned down for a front desk job @ MPL this week

Hi Christopher, I will be at the front desk this season.  Seasonal work is new to me.  My husband and I run our own online business.  I am looking forward to my summer in Alaska, meeting and greeting new people.  I could watch & visit with new people all day, just love it.


So great to meet you! This is going to be an awesome season! Last summer was my first time working a seasonal job away from home. I live on the coast of South Carolina so I have worked a few summer hospitality jobs here.

The gentlemen who commented below is Mike- he will be our Rooms Coordinator again this season. We also have Jesse Feare returning as our FD Lead...

On behalf of your FD Mngmt Team, welcome and we cannot wait to get the season started!!!

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line-


You are stuck with me topher  or are you going by Chris this season?


Excited to be working with you again this season sir!!!

I dont look at this summer as being "stuck" with you, I look at it as an opportunity to work with a friend again and expand on "my pleasure" to encompass an even broader set of CS skills.

This season Lynn has asked that I go by Christopher while on the desk, but I will still be Topher outside of work...

See you on the 9th!

Topher  I am really looking forward to this year.  When Lynn told me you and Jesse were the team's leaders  I was glad to hear that. I promise to try filter the way I respond to the guests this year.  Gee thanks about the "stuck" comment.  I realize that I am a little different then most everyone else.  I am looking forward to another great season at McKinley.  


see you on the 9th

Don't filter the way to talk to the guests. The FD needs some sort of entertainment...
me !! :)

Welcome to the team dude!!! See you on the 9th!

I'll be there as well! I do have a question for you.... A man lives two days away from the closest town. He saddles up his horse and leave on Tuesday. It takes him two days to get into town, one day for him to gather his supplies and two days to get home. He arrives back on is that?

what???   are you taking lessons from me?  If i were younger I might not be somewhere.   Tommy has thesnow given you brain freeze?

No. No brain freeze although that sounds a lot better than what I am doing right now! Can't wait to see you again and hear the Glick's laugh and hear "You just been Glicked!"


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