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Hey everyone!! Well my summer has gone a little different that planned. I was originally supposed to work in Glacier this summer but then had a family obligation come up in July so I had to cancel =( Now that the summer is progressing I'm really wishing I had a seasonal job in a park. So my question is.. do you think its very likely to get a job starting in August? I know its half way through the season but sometimes people quit so I thought it would be worth a try. Has anyone started in a park halfway through the season? Do you think its worth applying? Any parks you think I may have a better shot at? Thanks for any suggestions or replies =)

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Hi Marin!  I know that DNC does some mid-season hiring to replace college kids that leave in August.  You might check with them at Yellowstone.   I would guess this occurs at other parks as well.  I think it's worth applying.   Richard

Thanks! I applied to DNC in Yosemite and I'll try yellowstone too =)

Marin - I just saw that someone on our Facebook page got a job in Gardiner, MT starting in August and will be working through October.  It's still possible, for sure! - Q

The line in the sand is the 4th of July weekend. Just about all park/resort employers lose a goodly chunk of their employees then. The pressure builds during the first weeks of the season, and then the extremely busy holiday weekend makes everything worse---everyone is forced to work overtime (without being paid overtime pay; the employers have all sorts of loopholes they can use to avoid that), and time off is nonexistent. The employees who were unhappy in the first place often decide to leave after that experience. So there probably will be some openings then, and a well-timed call to HR might enable you to snag something. (Of course, the jobs that come available will be the most tedious, strenuous, and/or stressful.)

It's never to be late to apply  because most of the college students leave around the first week of aug to go back to school, and a lot of international will be  leaving at that time also.

it you can go from then to at least oct 15 your golden,pick where you want to go


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